Bailey is 14, she has been bullied her whole life because she has been small. Will she kill herself? Rabbit is 11, she is bullied because of her name, how will she deal with it? This story is about two girls who are bullied. This is my entry for the bullying competition.


6. Rabbit: Nightmare

Bailey was a good friend. I'm glad I have found someone who knows what it's like to be bullied. I didn't see Bailey for the rest of the day. Maybe she was my imagination. Maybe I'm going crazy.

I curled up into bed, I couldn't sleep. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to remember happy memories.

"Bailey! Don't!" I screamed at her, I ran as fast as I could "No! Don't!"
"I won't be missed, people will be happy that I'm dead! I'm a waste of space anyway!" She yelled back, tears rolled down her cheeks. Then she stepped out into the road, a car smacked into her and it sent her flying over the windscreen and over the back of the car. Her body was crumpled and the car stopped at the end of the road. Two teenagers ran out of their car. She was covered in cuts and blood poured out of her arms and her head onto the pavement. Her eyes were still closed. Her hair matted in blood. On her wrist stood a big cut, a day or so old. It was deep. I screamed and I squeezed my eyes shut.

I woke up, my cheeks were wet from the tears. I looked at my clock and saw I had five minutes till my alarm went off. I switched the alarm off and got up.

School was boring, I didn't concentrate in lessons. I was still shocked from the nightmare, It seemed so real. I sat in the library and I waited for Bailey. When she walked into the library she looked pale. Her eyes were glued to the floor.
"Hi, you alright?" I whispered,
"Hi, kinda, you?" She mumbled back, her voice cracked a few times.
"Yeah, Bailey? Can I see your wrists?" I whispered, I looked down at the table. Bailey rolled back her sleeves and on her left wrist there was cuts and a deep cut that wasn't even a day old. I gasped. The cuts stood out on her skin. I was speechless. She yanked her sleeves back down and looked ashamed.
"Why?" I asked
"I hate life, I just hate it, pain feels nice," She said, her voice was emotionless.
"Does your Mum know?" I asked,
"Yes, she saw the blood yesterday, shes taking me to the stupid doctors, I don't need any fucking help," Her tone became angry and she kicked a nearby chair.
"You do need help, you shouldn't self harm!" I told her,
"I don't need any help! OK? I'm not some crazy pshyco," She yelled, her face turned red with anger and her hands balled up into fists.
"Sorry," I mumbled, I don't like being shouted at.

Weeks passed. Mum still didn't tell me or Nan a thing. Bailey still cut her wrist. But on a brighter note I spend all my time with Bailey. Even at weekends. I actually feel like there is something to live for. I nearly forgot about my nightmare till I had the same nightmare. This time I didn't seem shocked at the sight of Bailey's wrist. I had this small voice in my head telling me someday that nightmare will happen. I knew the voice was true. There was no point denying that it's true. Bailey mumbles plans under her breath. I try to tell her how much her family will miss her and how much I will miss her, but she just says we would all move on and that she's a waste of space. I try my best to discourage her and tell her that this is just the beginning of life.
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