Bailey is 14, she has been bullied her whole life because she has been small. Will she kill herself? Rabbit is 11, she is bullied because of her name, how will she deal with it? This story is about two girls who are bullied. This is my entry for the bullying competition.


2. Bailey: As time goes on

I walked down the crowded corridor, I was determined to get to art. I pushed my way through the crowds,
"Hey! Who do you think you are?" People shouted at me, "Oi! Whore! What the fuck do you think you're doing! Fucking midget ..." Chavs would shout at me, I held back the tears that were willing to fall out of my eyes. I looked at the ceiling and ignored their comments. If they don't like getting pushed then they shouldn't be standing in the middle of a corridor. A group of girls whose faces were covered in makeup, their skin was lumpy and their eyelashes had so much mascarra on them it was surprising that they didn't just give in to the weight and crash to the floor. They pushed me into a wall, my arm felt bruised.
"Move you midget!" They yelled, then they laughed. Tears fell out of my eyes and I carried on walking slowly to lesson. Being in year 9 is tough, not as bad as year 7 or 8 though. I sat next to my friend, Jess. We are both quiet, but nobody picks on her. She's lucky.

As usual the class wouldn't shut up, I just stared at the plain white walls. A pencil hit my head and I didn't look away from the wall. Mum always told me that if I don't retalliate they will get bored. The problem is they NEVER get bored. I just want to die. Even Jess doesn't know how upset I get over the bullying. I have scars on my arms and on my wrist. I started self harming in year 7. It took my mind of things. It broke through the numbness. I haven't cut in two months. I felt proud.
"We have Bailey's bag! I wonder what she is hiding in it, probably growing potions that don't work!" Kyle, the tallest boy in the year, shouted, the whole class laughed. I didn't take my eyes off of the wall. I felt numb, even Jess laughed. I felt like I had been stabbed. I wish I have been stabbed, I would do anything to get away from my life. Why live if there is nothing to live for?
"Ooh, someone hasn't eaten their lunch, tut-tut-tut," Kyle sniggered and he threw my sandwich at me. I got up from my chair and faced him.
"Give me my bag, now!" I shouted, my hands clenched into fists. His blonde hair was gelled into spikes and his green eyes stared into mine, then he opened his mouth and started laughing.
"You think you could scare me? Ha!" He sniggered, I was staring up at him. He was so tall. The bell went and he threw my bag on the floor, it's contents scattered everywhere like glass vase had been dropped. Tears ran down my face, I wiped them with the back of my hand, I bent down and collected my stuff and stuffing them in my bag.
"Are you ok?" The teacher asked, she looked concerned, her eyebrows raised. I nodded quickly and threw my bag on my back and ran out of the classroom. I waited in reception for ten minutes. Then hopefully the road is clear. I do this everyday. Ever since year 7. People shout abuse at me from the bus and year elevens laugh at me and push me.

I walked out into the warm air, the sky was bright and white puffy clouds swam across the bright blue sky. It reminded me of fish swimming through the sea, except the fish swam quicker than the clouds. The clouds were fluffy versions of snails. When I was in the safety of my house I ran up the stairs and ran into my room, I shut the door and opened up my underwear drawer. I grabbed a razor. I pushed the blade into the flesh of my wrist and I felt the skin tear. I screamed out in pain. Mum was at work. I was alone.
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