A Memory of Death

English version, translated from danish. A flashback from one of my stories, which so far goes under the name "Devils Disgrace". There is pirates and other funny stuff in it... In this flashback is it Sanatha Degrace, who's having a nightmare about the time when she saw her mother who had killed herself. I'm sorry for the mistakes I might have made with the translation and the punctuation.


1. A Memory of Death



It was a dark room. The ship rocked violently and the lamp swung back and forth from the ceiling. The burgundy curtains shut out the moonlight, only a single stripe had forced its way into the dark room. The dark oak furniture fit perfectly into the gloomy picture. The beam path was broken when the oak door swung open. In came a little girl. Big bright eyes and long straight black hair. She was wearing a white cotton dress with delicate lace trim. She moved into the room with a startled expression, as if the night monsters would jump at any moment it could be. "Mom?" asked the bright voice. She moved forward with slow, small steps. A window shattered, the curtains fluttered up, while a lightning ripped the dark shortly after filled with a deafening bang. Her bright eyes filled with horror. A dark silhouette could be seen in the glare of lightning. A figure that hovered. The girl walked slowly towards the hovering figure.  Another thunder sliced through the silence.

"Mom?" the girl asked with trembling voice, while the face of the figure was lit up by lightning glow. "Why?" There was glass everywhere, small pieces had established themselves in the little girl's hair, and a piece had cut her arm so that a narrow streak of dark, red blood was trickling down her arm.

She gently took hold of the long black dress fabric. It was her mother.

She looked back at the wall. Something red was smeared in various letters over the torn wallpaper.

She stared up at her mothers’ face. She could see her face in the lightning’s glimpses. Her facial expression was peaceful and sad at the same time. There was a smile on her mother's lips.

All sounds disappeared. The only thing she could hear was the angry waves, and their hammering on the ship's side as they protested against the evenings events. Someone from the crew came in and she saw them call for more. They found a chair and cut the rope that held her mother hanging. They laid her down and began to remove the thick rope.

"Mom, you promised to do my hair tonight.” Her fist let go of the object she had held the whole time. A small and white lace ribbon.

Her father was suddenly in the door with a confused expression. He looked at the lifeless woman, and went to her with firm steps. He sat down and took her hands in his and kissed them.

A tall and slender man came toward the little girl, and took the bow up. He laid his great rough hand on the slender girl's shoulder, and he led her out of the room. "Samantha. You should not think about it anymore.”

He extinguished the lamp in her room, a small cabin with a porthole. She was lying in her bed, staring at the ceiling. After a while she sat on the bed. She lifted her pillow and pulled out a belt, which held 5 knives. She took the biggest and stared at it with her eyes. With the free hand she took hold of the long hair. One quick cut, and it was gone. She tied the white lace band around to hold it together, and then she laid it at the bottom of a drawer in her dresser.

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