The Shoe's On The Other Foot

A popular girl. An unpopular girl.
Can YOU tell where the story goes from here?
Because I don't think that it's going to be what you think.


1. The Shoe's On The Other Foot


     I shuffled slowly into the class, drooping. My hands were clenched into balls and I felt as if all eyes were on me.

   “Hey, Tina!” Alan D shouted, running up and hugging me. I gasped for breath.

   “Hey, Al!” I pushed him off laughing. He started to chuckle.

    “How was Florida, T?” Someone shouted from the back of the registration. I stuck up my middle finger at them, laughing. My lungs felt as if they were away to burst with the tension that was radiating from me.

      I couldn’t tell anyone what had happened in Florida.

      Trying to change the subject, I looked around, pulling my hair up into a bun. Someone wolf-whistled so I swore at them again.

       “Nice tan, sweetheart!”                                           

        I giggled, rolling my eyes. I had to hide it from them; otherwise they would dump me from the group-just like Amy.

         “So…where’s Dean?”

          “Right here.” Arms wrapped around my waist and my head turned like a sunflower to the tall lean muscular boy behind me. Our lips met and the same person wolf-whistled again. I broke the kiss and chucked a sharpener in their direction. They caught it and I saw the skinny brown arm.



           I sat down on my chair, my legs crossed happily. My spirit may seem high but I was so unhappy it was unreal. I ran my hand over my flat stomach which I had managed to gain during my four week holiday. My sister, Mary-Ann on the other hand, had become chunky. But eating wasn’t the problem there-she was expecting a baby pretty soon. Mum was over-joyed but Dad was still adjusting. If Mary-Ann had been a teenager, Mum would have demanded an abortion, but since she is now 23, I think she should deserve to control her own life.

           Suddenly, Tina W, my namesake, slips in, a second to the bell; her broken glasses perched oddly on her nose. I swallowed-something was making my heart beat fast. And that hadn’t happened before.

          Noises erupted as everyone started to throw empty juice packets and horrible stuff at her. Tears escaped her lids. I suddenly stood.

        “Stop it.”

        Everyone looked at me like I was nuts.

        “What?” Alan had a crisp packet with a rubber in it acting as a weight.

         “If you throw that, I’ll break your fingers off and use them as toothpicks!” I snapped. I bit my lip. I shouldn’t have shouted at him-he was going to kick me out for sure now.

        Alan stood, waltzing over to where I was standing. A confused look passed over his face.

        “Are you sticking up for Tina Baby?!”

         I gulped.

         “For that, I should kick you out of the group. Label you as one of the nerds.” I let my mouth pop open. Alan laughed and turned to the other Tina. “Nah, but your too bloody pretty. But if you try anything like that again babes…you’re out.”

          I nodded. Anger pulsed in my heart-why was I taking orders from that loser?

          But the answer was clear.

          Because he was the most popular boy in the school-and when he says you’re turfed out the group…well, you’re turfed out the group.

         I meekly sat down, Dean’s arms wrapping around me once more.

         “Don’t worry,” he whispered. I nodded, yet again, tears dripping off my cheeks. He wiped them but then returned to his own seat to protect his reputation.

         I was the most popular girl in the school. And I think that’s gonna change.



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