Eve's Diary

(This is NOT my diary, even though it seems quite realistic I suppose:) )
Eve is religious, different and her own person. That's why she keeps her diary.
A new diary entry for each day:-)


2. No definition for normal.

Dear Diary,

School isn't what I'd call my favorite part of the day. But I can't say I hate it, because all of the day is beautiful. Even when it rains, its beautiful. Don't you think its pretty when you see those perfect raindrops hydrating everything? I do. And I don't think its odd that that I like to run outside and sit on the swings and soak up the rain. It's like a natural bath!

Today was honestly a very nice day, weather-wise. The weather was beautiful, a great big yellow sunshine like the type you drew when you were young, and it made the grass look bright green, as if drew by a  new felt tip. The sky was the perfect shade of blue with just the right amount of fluffy clouds.

But something always ruins it. It happens everyday, so I thought I should tell you what happened.

At lunch time, I sat on my own, eating my baguette, sitting on the windowsill, my legs swinging back and forth as the sun beat down onto my back. Rachel, Carly and her crew came over as they usual do. I gave a big beaming smile as I usually do, and carried on eating, but inside my heart quickened a little at the insults that were about to come flying at me. I actually think I flinched.

Calmly, Rachel whispered in my ear. "Freak."

I looked down at my lap, and saw the little red corner of my Bible peaking out the side of my pocket. I was safe. God was with me.

I continued to eat, but I could still feel their presence hanging over me, like some sort of Doomsday Devil. I had finished my baguette, and I fished my Bible out of my pocket and opened it where the little ribbon was placed to hold my place. I was reading about Noah's Ark, and was reading the familiar part where the animals go on 2 by 2, when I felt a sharp pain in my cheek.

"Hey Freak. I'm speaking to you." Rachel snapped, jabbing me in my cheek with her nail again.

"I know. But I don't particularly enjoy listening to insults." I smiled again.

"Your think your so cute and funny don't you?" Rachel asked again.


"YES you do. I'm insulting you. You don't smile you freak!" She laughed, but not in that nice, joining in type of giggle. One of the scornful, against-you type of laughs that makes you feel embarrassed. Targeted. Weird. As if everyone's against you.

And then she went. And everyone just stared, at that weird girl called Eve, the one with no friends.

Sometimes I think maybe the world would be beautiful if it was just me and the animals, and the angels and... I don't know. It's people like Rachel that make it ugly.

So that was my day at school. Same old, same old. But at home its lovely. I have Facebook as most people do, but I don't really use it, whenever I log on, Rachel or Carly or someone is always there ready to snap.

So I read. Reading's a lot better, because I can escape. One day I could be a model in New York, an adventurer in the Amazon. I can escape reality. But then its back to school. And the reality's harsh. My green eyes see everything that people do and I hear everything they say. I'm always the happy go lucky one but it does hurt. And I wonder why I'm so different. Why am I not normal? There's not even a definition for normal; well there shouldn't be anyway. For all they know, I could be the normal one and they could be the weird ones.

Nobody's normal.



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