Eve's Diary

(This is NOT my diary, even though it seems quite realistic I suppose:) )
Eve is religious, different and her own person. That's why she keeps her diary.
A new diary entry for each day:-)


3. Night...

Dear Diary,

It's 9pm but it's so light outside. The trees branches look so harshly beautiful against the sky and Corrie's just finished. I've got permission to skip my Bible tonight. I've prayed and I've said my thanks; I'm okay.

I feel so tired but I'm writing here instead- why? I don't even know. Its lovely not knowing... is that weird? It's just nice... not knowing, because your always wondering why, what, when? And it gets my imagination going so.

It's nice.

I'm going to go do something.


I'm back. I just ran to the top of the hill, in the lightness and danced. You heard me right. I went to the top of the hill, and danced. And sung. You know why? Because it just felt right. It felt as though, on a night as beautiful as this, on a night so bright and odd, it felt fitting to go and do something. Anything. I wore my stripy socks too, and my tee shirt, and a skirt, even though it was cold. Coldness isn't always too bad though, its pure.

So I'm walking home, past the lampposts, and I have an urge to turn the lampposts off and just walk. Where? Exactly. That's the point. No lampposts. Just natural light, and following the stars, like the Wise Men. Just for the sake of it, just to see where I'd end up... I could be walking for hours and not know. I could end up in a different city. I'd bin my watches and walk. Walk and follow the light.

I'm confusing. I'm mad. Yep, I'm mad. Call me whatever you like. But I'm home now, and I still wish I'd walked to somewhere. Imagine seeing the sunrise. That would be amazing, wouldn't it?

Goodnight- and remember, follow the light?

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