Eve's Diary

(This is NOT my diary, even though it seems quite realistic I suppose:) )
Eve is religious, different and her own person. That's why she keeps her diary.
A new diary entry for each day:-)


6. My Dream

Dear Diary,

Last night I had a dream. I can't determine whether it was comforting and terrifying, and that scares me. I used to be the type of girl who loved the mystery, but after Granddad's diagnosis, everything seems so unsure and strange.

Here is my dream.

I felt strange, not alive, but different. I felt light, but free of worries even though I knew something was there. I was lying on something soft, so soft that it felt like I would fall, so I jolted upwards and saw a bright blue sky and a glowing light. There stood a magical being. God.

He stretched across the whole of the sky, behind my head and beyond. He wasn't fat, just imprinted in the clouds, in front of golden gates with two pillars on the side. My hair was flying golden and free, with a halo of light above my head. I opened my voice and when I spoke it trilled like an angel's song. I stood to find myself tall and beautiful, standing on a cloud. 

At first I clutched wildly onto a man in front of me, eyes shut in fear. His voice nearly sent me into ecstasy, and I realised who it was. My Granddad.

He remembered me. He smiled, and brushed back my hair and told his familiar jokes that I thought I would never hear again, and he spoke of his wife Clementine. When I turned, my Grandmother was right behind me, looking just as she had looked before she had fallen ill to cancer, before her head was shaved bald and her skin turned tight and grey. She looked around 70, her blonde hair curled in her familiar perm, wearing her favourite dress and holding my uncle's hand, whilst also carrying my two rabbits. Lily, the rare white one, was still tiny and nipped fingers and Floppy was still big and brown and gentle.

I had never seen my Uncle Albert before. He bore a great ginger moustache, and floppy ginger hair. He had died in a car accident when I was 3 months old and I'd never met him. I reached out a hand, and held all my relatives hands, tightly. It felt so good to be near them, so much I was crying; not wanting whatever this was to end. I wanted to sit on my Grandmother's lap and stay there with Granddad and my Uncle and all my other relatives. I wanted to hug Lily and Floppy and kiss them and feed them carrots like I did when I was a child.

Then suddenly, we were falling from the sky, down and down into my old garden. We landed safely, not feeling any pain, to my Mum and Dad, my brother and my dog. We were all together again, but we looked faded, glittering. As quickly as we had came down, we shot up again, soaring towards the sky, through the golden gates and back into heaven...

I didn't know what to think. Were we all going to die, together? I didn't know what to think.

But when I woke up, I began to sob again as I glanced down at my mum's hand clutching mine, tears bright in her eyes.

"Daddy's just popped out dear. Granddad's gone. He's gone. He's dead, but remember sweetheart- he's in a good place. Just think he can see you up there and he remembers you now. And when we're all gone, we'll see him and everyone else again," she mumbled into my hair. We stayed like that for an hour, crying.

I just wished death didn't exist. I wished we would all stay together, forever. But the things I want are never possible.



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