The Battles And The Victory...

I decided to publish this work, since it was something I always wanted to make on my Movellas but never had time to do it... This Poetry like no other... It is based on Battles & Victory & Monsters & War & Allies & Deaths... Everything you can expect from this, is amazing Fantasy worlds...


5. The Story Of A Peon

Trapped in a cage with my friends and family

Watching us be carried by the sharp jawed goblins

My little brother thrown into the forest of despair 

As they decapitated my mum Claire

Feeling our family break apart from the family square

You Dare! You Dare! You Dare!

Hearing the goblins speak about death

As my father takes his final breathe

No dad! you can't die too

These goblins have nothing against you

Watching his eyes stare at me, as I go to hug him

The axe goes through into his bones

breaking his spine as he moans

My Mum My Father My brother is gone

How dare they do this, I shall not be the last one!

What can we do, we are slaves to them

They could break our heads and crush our bones

Us little small peons have no woes 

Death was no choice for us, as the great blood river flows

My baby sister is all I have left, I should save her so I can go to rest

It may be the end of me

but my sister deserves to be free

Staring into the dark sky, as the goblins cook peon pie

My family were good to me, and I let them break apart from me

Nothing could of been done, The goblins have won

Us small peons can't protect ourselves

We are just as weak as those puny little elves

Never mind us, they could of saved themselves

Looking down in sorrow as the great goblins follow

Holding my sisters little hands, listening to her happy song

The goblins have gone too far, They are in the wrong!

They may be strong, But us peons were supposed to belong

Why threaten us with your weapons, fight with your fists!

As they watch the king goblin write our death lists

They have no right to choose our death, we were supposed to die when it's time to go...

In this corrupted world, goblins rule!

Protecting my sister as she is my true jewel

Thinking back of my brother who is trapped in the forest

I don't like to think what could of happened to him 

Loosing my mum and dad too, that was just way too untrue 

Wrong! Lies! nothing shall break us apart you cannibal goblins

Maybe to you, we are food for your empty stomachs.

Why don't you just eat your own kind

That way we could live without you creatures destroying our mind

You live, you die if your a peon, want to know why?

Goblins, the pests of this world, They feed on anything

The goblins played the drums loud and strong

As the echo of the Goblin king vibrates into our ears

The fire burns causing pure evil smoke

One of the goblins pulls out the sharp long pitch fork

Stabbing it into my mum and my dad's dead bodies

As they begin to swallow my mum's skin

Me or my sister was next, Chained to a heavy grunt ogre

As his teeth and breathe gets closer and closer.

They call the ogre their god

The summoning of this god defeats us peons forever

Is it any wonder why we have already lost our homes together

Never! shouting to the goblins as I run with my sister

The old air ships that save us peons, have landed to save us again

My sister in my hands, as one of the goblins follows me with great amount of speed

It's over for me sister now grow my seed

As tears and blood rolls down my eyes, The airship collects my sister

Leaving me behind, As the goblin stabs into my back chopping my spine

As my head is placed on spear, goodbye mum goodbye world

goodbye brother & sister, and the rest of my kind

It's over for me, so leave me, as I die for no reason, death was no choice

sitting in their fire, with a sharp stick in my head...

It was there choice to put me in my death bed

I wish I could go on and live my life, But us peons

Are Now Dead...








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