The Battles And The Victory...

I decided to publish this work, since it was something I always wanted to make on my Movellas but never had time to do it... This Poetry like no other... It is based on Battles & Victory & Monsters & War & Allies & Deaths... Everything you can expect from this, is amazing Fantasy worlds...


3. The Horde & The King

Lightning smashing off the stones of power

as the heavy rain causes a blood shower

my helmet is strong and made of steel

As the strength in the cart of our wheel

breaks apart from wooden logs

Our wolves bury them selves in the bogs

No! our wolves can't die

why has this curse been brought on I

The power of the wind blown our airships down

loosing radar signal as we fall onto an old town

The villagers have already fled from us

Our teeth burst open for blood 

The horde will not fail

we shall prevail 

nothing can get in our way

as so they say 

Our hands are now boneless from the force of our strength

the power to have will is no longer with us

the battle will prevent anyone from ending our lives

While we stomp on the villager's lost and almost dead wives 

Eyes splatter against our chest plate

as we decide it's not too late

The battle goes on until the horde claims what is ours

Our King shall not feast on pigs tonight

It's going to be humans that's sure for light 

As we bring down the human barricades

Our horde stops and begins our raids 

walls get smashed open, blood gets crushed

nothing shall stop us!

We run to the human throne as we smash open the large wooden doors

Our wolves get blood and flesh on their paws

Nothing shall stop us!

Not even the overlord!




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