The Battles And The Victory...

I decided to publish this work, since it was something I always wanted to make on my Movellas but never had time to do it... This Poetry like no other... It is based on Battles & Victory & Monsters & War & Allies & Deaths... Everything you can expect from this, is amazing Fantasy worlds...


4. The Flaming Catacombs!

Drenched in blood and icy cold water from the battle

As we stick our jaws into the cattle.

The grass is brushed with our deaths

 As the corrupted wind blows strong breaths 

Our faces are drenched 

As our king entrenched which way to go

Showered by heavy rain and crunched up bones

Our ear drums were becoming death from the near by moans

Fire spat out from the burning catacombs

not a drip or a splat it was nothing more than that

Burning our skin as we adventure deeper

Watching the nice bird creeper

Even we saw death, THE GRIM REAPER?

Our lives were in danger, the second we entered.

Our axes and swords raise from our scorched arms

As we began to hit the core, we raised the alarms!

Chopping up the corrupted skeletons

as we drench our selves with thirst

Blood thirsty for more power

we go deeper, as we begin to stop every hour

The lava has erupted from it's lair

as we begin centre below the air

The core was deep and flaming like hell

nothing could make any of us well

fire burnt off our skin as we adventure to win

Extracting the ores from the core

We never expected death any more...





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