The Battles And The Victory...

I decided to publish this work, since it was something I always wanted to make on my Movellas but never had time to do it... This Poetry like no other... It is based on Battles & Victory & Monsters & War & Allies & Deaths... Everything you can expect from this, is amazing Fantasy worlds...


2. The Drunken Dwarves!

Yea har, Dwarven bar?

as I have travelled so far

My beard is short and hairy

what's for dinner dwarves?

Old cooked canary?

nothing more bare than Dwarves wife's

our evil stares, bewares the goblins

Beer is all we drink

blood will go down the ocean's sink

as we drink and drink and drink...

We are equipped with hard iron axes

take on our army and we shall kill you

dwarves of our kind must live with us

nothing or less we shall drink

tip the blood of you orcs down the sink

We are drunken dwarves, we tend to have power

as we drink beer every hour

while swimming in blood of a raining shower

Building our dwarven tower?

Should we attack, defend, retreat

those orcs could be our ticket for meat

forget old canary, we will have cooked orcs with pin cherry

Nothing shall enter our Caverns 

We shall hide in our Taverns







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