The Battles And The Victory...

I decided to publish this work, since it was something I always wanted to make on my Movellas but never had time to do it... This Poetry like no other... It is based on Battles & Victory & Monsters & War & Allies & Deaths... Everything you can expect from this, is amazing Fantasy worlds...


1. The Battles And The Victory...

Holding an iron knife in my sharp hands, 

feeling the power of strength raise me

Blood dripping down my broken tools

teeth chattering from the frozen horizon

My thoughts of becoming wizen...

Nothing shall stand in my way

My sharp and blunt axes will cut through them

leaving blood and skulls scattered on the walls

death will be no question

For all i'll bring out to them 

will be aggression


I will teach them all a lesson

as their heads lie near my throne

all shall listen all shall moan

My strength will go into their hearts

as their life starts, there will be no time to finish

the world will be mine soon enough

I'll become powerful with the strength to be rough

Stand in my way shall you?

watch me cut ya friends

ya family and ya ends...

Villagers will scatter, looking for foods

They will be dead soon enough

meaning nothing to me, how powerful, how rough?

My eyes will shine into the burning sun

As I take what is mine and decide to run


Bones I shall crunch with my teeth

cutting up the villagers into human beef

The world is now rightfully mine...

So get lost or I shall dine

Nothing will break me and the world

only the corruption of my evil shield

The voices I will hear 

as I drink from their skulls

with blood AND BEER!

- Written By Jessica J

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