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12. Week 9

Dann is back, do not fret. I have finished my work in the real world, by film is being filmed and I have time again to review some amazing movellas! Soooo here they are, enjoy


My first review is for Kaminari's The Valley of the Sun.

Its her frst movella and so I found it quite strong because of it. The story follows a young Remnan boy as he seeks out a long forgotten place told to him in epic stories by the grandfather. When arriving he is met by another attractive Renman girl but also a whole heap of angry villagers. Where this story will lead im not too sure, but im imagining a whole epic tale unfolding, an entirely new mythos and history as well as some hidden extras. Prepare to be sucked into a world of fantasy and adventure and star crossed love.

My second choice is Kleigh's Fatal Experiment

No "Story" has started as of yet, but this is written in a unique style, giving a lot of back story, a whole series of dates and notes as well as a welcome from the GENE corporation. There is so much story here and so much to read into, think of 'Do androids dreams of electric sheep?' and you have something close to how this will turn out as! Im a sucker for sci-fi :D

Awesomeness, welcome back Dann.


Right, here are 50 Shades oV Gilray's current crop of creamily gorgeous pieces of writing:


1. Codename: Fanfics by LittleMsHollywood

This is an absolutely brilliant satire regarding recent events on the site due to influx of 1D fans, still a contentious topic for many. It's set in a dystopian future in which 1D have taken over, and a hardcore resistance group of Movellians, including most of your favourite writers, mount a counterattack.

What makes this work is a) it is incredibly funny, b) the writing, plotting and characterisation are absolutely first class and c) instead of taking an obvious approach, it's very subtle and witty. Plus there is a key role for myself, which keeps my ego happy. There is a fair amount of swearing, just to warn those for whom the matter weighs heavily.

Pretty much the funniest thing on this site and I'd argue one of the best written. Even hardcore 1D fans should give this a shot and maybe try something similar.

2. Soul of Flames by Sapphire

This is a dark fantasy - there are two chapters so far, so it's hoped this nomination will inspire the writer to add more. 

The story is highly original, which is a major bonus, extremely well written in the first person present tense form (my favourite style as it makes things fast paced and immediate), dark and descriptive with gorgeous detail and imagery. Just checked it out again and a few revisions have been made to enhance the flow and overall feel of the piece.

The prologue is exciting and sets the scene well, with just the right amount of dialogue. A truly awesome piece of writing.

3. Death is a Flash of Lightning by Scarlet Lark and 50 Shades oV Gilray

This is a shameless plug for a forthcoming movella that will be a first for this site in many ways.

It's a 14 part series that will debut at Halloween 2012. Each chapter will be published at 9 PM GMT, every night for the full two week run, so think of it as being similar to an HBO TV series. There will be ample teasers and promos leading up to this and it will be extensively marketed.

It's a gothic vampire thriller and romance that takes the ideas of Midnight (which you might want to read as it sets the scene) and extends them dramatically. The serial format will enable it to have a cumulative dramatic effect and it will hit the reader like a freight train. So don't forget to make a date in your diary...

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