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Top 5 Movellas Weekly Has Returned. Starring: Luke J.R, Ms Holly, (2 Other Judges) We are back for [2016] and we are ready to bring you Weekly Updates. Daily Updates, also ready to bring you more content than ever before! New Judges, New Cover, New Design, New Style, New Rules, everything has been spruced up for this New Year. Sadly, Top 5 Movellas Weekly was discontinued in (Mid-2015) Nobody thought it was coming back, but now it is starting to show Life. We really hope you have a great Experience here on Movellas. We cannot wait to begin with the first Week!


11. Week 9 Delayed... XXJESSXX Recruiting

Now that you know that Top 5 Movellas is lacking staff. Well I have been busy. So has Dann and Adam has been keeping this alive. So thanks x

However it's time to nominate some more staff. Who would like to join us?

Well if you would like to join us. It's simple...

You must of atleast reviewed some Movellas or stories. Your fanbase must be over 30+

You must be ready to review. Your reviews must be fair and simple. 

The Top 5 Movellas. It all started with Jess and then Adam and Dann were the best to join.

They were what made this happen. We are like the 3 Musketeers. A perfect team. Well not at the moment due to Jess being busy and Dann being busy and Adam busy. This is not suggesting we fire them.

Because I understand. That's why I would like to reborn this TOP 5 MOVELLAS.

A new cover for this is in production including a trailer and youtube channel.

Thanks for being patient.



* Must have 30+ Fan Base.

* Must of reviewed some Movellas.

* Must have at-least one Movella that got over 5 Fans.

* Must be active occasionally. 

* Must be prepared for changes to the idea.

Now before we move on to the next discussion. To join you must have the following above. 


You can also just send us an application form. By Private message or by email.

Contact us:

That will be the email for now. Just send an application form.


Copy and Paste this below in your email and fill it in:



Why you would like to join the team:

Why you think you should be in the team:

How many days can you be online for?

How much time do you spend on

How did you hear about us?

How many fans do you have?

How long have you been signed up on Movellas for?

Who is your favourite Movella author? 

------ THANKS FOR READING -------

/// The applications will be reviewed daily by staff. Then the winners will be announced on September 27th 2012 \\\\


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