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10. Week 8

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's that time again, and as the MC, I'm duty bound and proud to present the Eighth Hunger Games, ahem, Eighth Week of Top 5 Movellas of the Week.

OK, time is of the essence and it's gotta be short and sharp, all the stuff I've read has been of the highest quality, and it has been difficult to chose, but here we go...

1. The 100th Hunger Games by Erica Rain Bluewater

This is an amazing piece of writing as Erica maxes out HG fan fiction and takes it to where it might be going next.

It's highly imaginative and builds up the tension. The author understands what is required to take the original concept and make it her own. Which is the point of fan fiction, right?

2. Cats with thumbs by Lia_loves_cookies

Read all of Lia's stuff, it's imaginative and inventive, great to read and stream of consciousness and just awesome. The more she writes, the better her writing becomes. Lia is prolific in the best sense of the word, always exploring different types of writing and genres and coming up with something new.

The really insane stuff is out there in terms of creativity and chutzpah, but I really like this one as it has cats in, including her uber-cat Diego, and a really witty vibe.

3. I Refuse to Fall, When They Still Exist by LittleMsHollywood

Brilliantly written, snarky as hell and woefully under-appreciated.

I encourage you to read this. It has guns, swearing and a brand new type of supernatural entity. It shows that angels are not the nice messengers of light that people want them to be.

4. Peace of Mind by KalassyNikoff

An amazingly detailed and beautifully imagined sci-fi dystopian piece. The writing is faultless and draws the reader into the imagined world most effectively.

This movella really makes you think about what it is to be human and how the mind works. It references a lot of archetypal sci-fi ideas, themes and movies and pulls them together to create something unique and thought provoking. Awesomeness of the most futuristic type.

5. Stuck in the middle by Fifi xx

This poem is recommended for a number of reasons. It's highly original, written from the perspective of a tree (elegantly and economically written too), which has gotta be a first on here, right?

She makes it work fantastically well and there's an environmental message underpinning it.

Furthermore, she knows how to get people to read her stuff and comment on it. Now, you can have the best piece of writing in the world, but you've gotta find a way to get people to read it. Fifi xx has clearly learnt how to write great stuff and get people to read and comment on it.

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