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9. Week 7

All of the following reviews and recommendations are by Adam this time.

1. Caged by Scarlet Lark

I recommended one of Scarlet's pieces in Week 1, and have got to highlight this one. It's a series of highly personal reminiscences and observations and highlights what a strikingly honest and self-aware writer she is. It's a completely original concept and I don't think there is anything else like it on this site.

It shows how a writer can take what some would see as banal or mundane experiences and, by a process of literary alchemy, turn them into works of art and offer an insight into that person's soul. Some of it is achingly beautiful and tender. The detail and description are vivid, as you would expect, and it's an interesting model of how you can find inspiration anywhere, if you look with the right perspective.

2. Future Gladiator by Constafani

This is a dystopian and post-apocalyptic fantasy and really works well. Imaginative and vividly written, it keeps the reader involved and engaged. The plot is very original and gives a new slant to the old cliche that the children are the future. It's very dark, and also has a character called Bollrocks, so what's not to like?

Check it out and see what you think.

3. How to be a Real Writer by Inkball Press and The Midnight Sun

What it says on the tin. Good practical advice, a bit of subversive humour and wit. Also a great convo thread at the bottom with some more hints and tips.

These guys do a great job of making it entertaining and providing a lot of useful advice that even the experienced writer forgets at times. They are also happy to learn from advice and feedback in the convos and have the good grace to provide acknowledgment where it is due.

4. Bloodlust by Jodemeister

A nicely dark and sadistic vampire story told by Jodie in her inimitable style. It was an entry for the picture competition a while back, and is one of the few movellas that is clearly influenced by the image itself. The title itself is apt as it has a real sex and death vibe.

The description is savagely effective, especially in the second chapter, and you could see this being made into a movie by the guy who directed Hostel.  Excellent dialogue leads to the denouement in the third chapter. It's short, sharp and effective, and punches well above its weight.

5. The Hunt Never Ends by Vesp

This is a World of Warcraft inspired story, and I'm amazed by the amount of detail this guy includes and how totally immersive he makes this mythosphere. It has all the things you'd expect, and then he racks it up and adds his own special touches.

The comments and the blog are really noteworthy, as you can see how the story evolves and how Vesp takes feedback and modifies things accordingly. It's one of those reads that you can get totally lost in, so set a bit of time aside to enjoy it.

6. Inspired Insanity of a Kool and Kreative Kind (How to Write Totes Awesome) by yours truly (with more than a bit of help from others)

Yeah, OK, mea culpa.

Meh! I know it's not really the done thing to recommend one of your own pieces. Well, I've written all five reviews to keep this highly popular movella going (11,298 views not too shabby), so I'm gonna treat myself. Right?

This piece is a mashup about writing and creativity. It's co-authored and has several guest pieces, and there will be a lot more, so it's not just me showing off (much). There's a great convo thread and some really interesting information and 'out there' ideas, like using method acting to create convincing characters, archetypes, writing fantasy fiction, the writer's voice, the hypersigil and writing yourself into your own story, and so on.

So check it out. You'll probably find something useful that you can run with immediately when you are writing stuff. It kinda complements review 3.

If you wanna add a guest piece, feel free to make a suggestion as this is meant to be interactive and collaborative.

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