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8. Week 6

1. Civil Wars by 4mel1e, chosen by Adam

The start to this is entrancing and the writing is top flight - you really do get the feeling of floating through space. So good it inspired the start of one of my poems (shameless self-promotion).

The premise is a war between two tribes, which kicks off in the second chapter, a very detailed and descriptive piece of writing with one of those heroic types of ending where the lead character has to make a decision as to their level of involvement..

It is, as yet, incomplete, so I hope this review inspires Amelie (sorry droogie, can't do that awesome thing with the symbols) to carry on. All of her writing is worth investigating, but this is certainly one of my favourites.

2. Serpe Biaxo Flor by Child of the Jago, chosen by Adam

This is absolutely fascinating and has brilliant potential. it's narrated by a character called Sophie, who is obsessed with playing the role of Lady Macbeth, and traces her gradual descent into madness. The first chapter is saturated with Shakesperean atmosphere, parts of Hamlet and Richard III detectable here also, and the second introduces you to Sophie's world and her inner mental state.

The theme of a character taking over an actor is enthralling - method acting gone mad - and I'm sure you'll be keen to see how this unfolds.

There are currently only two chapters, so I'm including this to spur the writer to come up with more. There's a compelling promo video, and if the rest of the movella is as good as that, it will be rivetting reading.

3. Smokes - the Chronicles of Congo Bonaparte, by Benjywam, chosen by Adam

You just have to read this guy's stuff - it's some of the most original writing on here and it's an absolute blast.

It's funny - I defy anyone not to laugh at some of the situations here. Description and dialogue are just right, fast and furious, straight off the streets, surreal in parts. An absolute blast. And yes, there's swearing for anyone who worries about such things.

I'd also recommend the other Congo Bonaparte movellas, and then you really do have to read Zombies Rule which is awesome.


As Jess is AWOL, I've chosen three, Dann, you might as well do three next time, I'll do two, then things will get back to normal (well, as normal as anything ever is).


Dann's selections forthcoming...

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