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7. Week 5

1. 'Cry, the Stars' by Inkpencil... ;), chosen by Dann

A classic Sci-Fi story with a dystopian feel, a perfect combination. Whenever you wanna take your mind off from the angry and messed up world in which we live, why not read about an even more angry and messed up world. Inkpencil writes a compelling saga following the destruction of earth, the settlers look for a place to go, the find a new home called simply 'Planet', the reasons behind the name come from the newest inhabitants not desiring to give it a name, as it will never seem like their home, due to the not so welcoming natives of their the planet. Only two chapters in and I'm hooked, give it a read, I know you'll be hooked too.

2. 'The Basement' by Y. Nirvana, chosen by Dann

This is a horror follow a small boy that discovers something horrible in his basement. Not the obvious story line, it is definitely somewhat unique and utter horrifying. It is written well, and with care. I don't want to spoil the plot line, as it is very subjective. So I urge you to go away and check it out, it won't disappoint!

3. 'Dead Meat' by Catharine Kyle, chosen by Adam

Beautifully written, lean beef prose, not a word wasted. An atmosphere of pure menace, sublime description. Uneasy and unsettling pitch black prose. More shape shifting visionary horror in this one chapter than a convention of Lycans trying to upstage each other.

Disclaimer - yes, it is most kindly dedicated to me. And I'm delighted to be the muse to this wonderfully unholy flight of the imagination.

Even better, this author has total integrity and does not play the usual like/fave games we all gleefully succumb to here. Catharine won't trade feedback and will only like your stuff if she really does.  Yes, and one of mine she eviscerated with thoroughly argued reasons wielded like a scalpel. No like was forthcoming, despite my best entreaties.

Now, that is truly refreshing.

Which ultimately means that Catharine's polished prose and arresting imagery is unlikely to get the recognition it deserves as she doesn't play the game.

So it needs to be boosted. Read it, and her other pieces, and see why this fabulous writer really needs a wider readership.

Which is the point of this movella, right?

4. 'Memories from a Land of Floating Islands' by the Islander, chosen by Adam

This poet appeared on Movellas a few nights ago. Something new, thought I, so out I went.

I had a quick look at the reviews, noted that Scarlet Lark was eulogising. Scarlet, a poet of not inconsiderable talents (damning with faint praise, her vampire cohorts are on the way here as I speak).

So this I had to read.

Well, you have to check this out. It's polished and technically brilliant. More importantly, it has that distillation of the truth that you desire from poetry, something that takes you to another realm of imagination and emotion. You really do get dragged into the Labyrinth of the subconscious with this movella, and you can bask in the mind of someone who genuinely is trying to forge another reality.

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