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6. Week 4: 06/06/2012

1. When the Rain Kills the Flowers, by Jophie Burrows, recommended by Adam

I have to thank jayd-amber for drawing my attention to this. It's a reboot of the vampire story and a significant one at that. It's sexy, very descriptive, appeals to all the senses, has great description, romantic and beautifully gross - all the things this should be and more. Fulfils its promise and more. Read it and see how this stuff can be done, visceral and slooshy, Lovecraftian you might say... 

2. Do you believe in lust at first sight by Living Lace, recommended by Adam

Must have discovered this one by serendipity. There are very few good pieces of erotic writing on this site, but this one does need to be highlighted. There is a content warning in Ch 2, so if this isn't your thing, look no further.

The quality of the writing is all that matters here. The story is great and the prose is perfect, delicate and intense, full of tension and passion, just the way it should be. There are some achingly effective descriptive passages and some superb quotes.

Just read the first para of Ch 4 to see the quality of this movella.

3. The One We Call Bravery by JJMark - This story is short since the author hasn't finished it but I loved it. The way it was written was great too. Yeah there is a few mistakes but still. It's great :D



Passive by Birdybrainybird - chosen by Dann


This is a wonderfully written piece, the opening chapter sending fear straight away, the mother asking quite politely for a sewing kit which is met by the horror in the eyes of the young girl, it's a haunting image. And the description of the beautiful purple eyes new girl which the main young girl falls in love with is amazing, the storyline is modern and unique and it flows brilliantly. A very very good piece.


Young Again by Charlottaemma - chosen by Dann


This is Sci-Fi at it's best. A simple idea expanded to unimaginable lengths, the mind of a 90 year old women is put into the body of a young attractive girl during an experiment, but she only has 3 months to live as the young girl. Will she give up the body? Will he even kill her old body as a way of keeping her new one? Very interesting and amazingly unique, an awesome find.

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