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4. Week 3: 30/05/2012

1. Gimme Some Sugar, Baby, by Sugardust - nominated by Adam

I'm a big Harley Quinn fan, so we need an excruciatingly bad rap, right?

The Joker's mistress of maniacal mayhem,

Straight outta Arkham Asylum,

For anyone whose been in another space time continuum for a while...

This is an amazing fan piece that conveys the perverse psychotic pyrotechnics of Harley's neuronal malfunctions and her invariably unrequited love affair with Mr. J. Read it quick and you get booted into her homicidal headspace. If you haven't checked Harley's origins in this fantastic noirish animation (, then do so now, Mad Love is the title, obviously. The rest of Sugardust's stuff is awesome also, but this certainly hits the wow-ometer in a big way

2. feathers, dancers & metal lust, by jayd-amber - nominated by Adam  This is a real mash up of stuff and I'm nominating it because it is such a susurrus of surreal sublimity and WFT(?), if you worked this it further would be sublime, though you'd lose the raw edge. As it stands it's a stunner, love the rhymes and bizarre use of language, like a David Lynch movie. It's surreal, has a William Burroughs paste and fly vibe, and there is a real talent lurking here, great use of imagery and description, you don't capitalise and that E. E. Cummings (hah!) thing is great with me. Then you punctuate so brilliantly giving the whole thing tremendous verve and brio. Anyone who can spin pyrophoric hierarchy gets my vote. I thought I did dark stuff competently, then you redefine the landscape and reboot the franchise with victim 12.

3. Down The Yellow Brick Track - By Bjfactor- Chosen by Jess This story grabbed my emotions, sure it's only one chapter at the moment but I grabbed a liking on this, the thoughts that drained out of mind of bad memories vanished. You truly have beaten my heart today, I know I want more from this story but one chapter is good enough to keep me happy. More would be nice but i'm going to make the author write :D - Sadly loosing the fantasy's from old classic's I still really enjoyed this, My mum also read this since she likes the Yellow brick road. HIGHLY RECOMENDED.

4. The Dreary Coast by Dangmal, Chosen by Dann I knew this movella was something special when it had an opening quote from one of the worlds greatest pieces of literature, The Divine Comedy by Dante. Followed from that was a wonderfully odd and unique first chapter. It has a sort of Alice in Wonderland feel, but I'm sure as he writes more it'll turn into Alice in Hell. His language his perfect, his grammar faultless. The characters are cleaver and really draw you in. I had massive fun reading this and I highly recommend you all have a read.

5. Brain Dead by Prince Jang, Chosen by Dann I've been reading a lot of Prince Jang's work recently, Capricorn was another piece I wanted to show but I went this Brain Dead instead. It's a harrowing first chapter about a nineteen year old girl being overpowered by her sixteen year old piano student. The way it's written is a haunting collaboration of heart retching ultra-realism and sadomasochistic abuse. But it's done in a way to entice readers to read on. And I did, and I felt better for it.

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