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Top 5 Movellas Weekly Has Returned. Starring: Luke J.R, Ms Holly, (2 Other Judges) We are back for [2016] and we are ready to bring you Weekly Updates. Daily Updates, also ready to bring you more content than ever before! New Judges, New Cover, New Design, New Style, New Rules, everything has been spruced up for this New Year. Sadly, Top 5 Movellas Weekly was discontinued in (Mid-2015) Nobody thought it was coming back, but now it is starting to show Life. We really hope you have a great Experience here on Movellas. We cannot wait to begin with the first Week!


3. Week 2

1. An Evening to Forget by Dana Venslovaite - Chosen by Adam I came across this (sorry) the other day and think it's absolutely brilliant. Snarky, refreshing writing, a very funny story. I'm really amazed that more people haven't read or commented on this. I'm sure you'll all have views on what action should be taken, and the great device of the Guyometer. The style is colloquial and chatty and draws you in, it's the kind of event that plays everywhere, sans orange sock. I defy you not to laugh out loud. I usually whinge about too long paragraphs, but this drew me in. I hope it does the same for you.

2. Kill Ballads by Okamoto - Chosen by Adam This is quite simply unique. Words like discursive, picaresque, surreal, trippy and post-modern mash up begin to describe it, you kinda need to let go of many of your assumptions too. All inhuman life is here. A great read that you can leisurely dip in and out of and always find something to entertain. Reminds me of an Alejandro Jodorowsky movie (if you haven't seen Santa Sangre or The Magic Mountain, get down the DVD store now!). There's a slightly stitched together quality to the narrative, a bit like Human Centipede Second Sequence. Shocking in parts, a hidden gem that needs to become better known.

3. A Fallen Petal by Amy-Jay - Chosen by Dann I've been meaning to get Amy-Jay on this movella since it began. This story is dark and touching, it follows a young girl being lured into a greenhouse by her neighbour. You know from the start that something terrible is about to happen as she tells you early on that she is dead, a warning for later part in the story. I felt moved reading this so it is definitely something to read, the final paragraph is beautifully written as well, its powerful and disturbing without going too far. Good work.

4. Promtheus Inferno Extinguished by A Candid Confinement - Chosen by Dann This was a funny one, written in a style I wasn't accustomed too it was a challenging read but I like being challanged. It's story is something too difficult to portray in just these lines so go check it out for yourself. A sort of love it or hate it piece but either way you can't get away from the fact that it is beautifully written and opens up new avenues in your mind. Enjoy it!

5. Finding Theo by Alix - Chosen by Jess. I've read alot of this Movella and I loved the way it was written, the title sounded spectacular which is what made me interested. Some people may of though finding theo = finding nemo, Nope it's a 

Non-Fiction, I recomend you read this the most x <3

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