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17. [Week 2] January Edition (2016)

Thank You To Every One Of These Five Authors !

🌟 - TOP 5 OF THE WEEK [#2] - 🌟

[1] They’re Gone ~ Dole (Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟) Awesome !

[2] Forever Young ~ Le Fox (Rating: 🌟🌟🌟) Truly Gripping !

[3] Curiosity Killed the Cat ~ Nelina Sinclair (Rating: 🌟🌟🌟) Curiosity Didn't Kill This Cat ^^

[4] Life Through the Lens ~ Squonk of The Nightshade (Rating: 🌟🌟🌟) Unique No Doubt!

[5] Children of The Sun ~ Le Cirque (Rating: 🌟🌟) ~ It Really Could Have Been Better.



Forever Young [#2 On The Ladder]

Down to its wonderful structure, incredible format for Chapter Titles, I can see why many have seen this as a Top 5 competitor. There is no doubt that this is a story that deserves so much more attention, more reads, more likes. Seriously, this story just had me hooked from the beginning, I’m not quite sure I enjoyed all of Chapter Two, but I was certainly into the other chapters. Down to the story’s pace with the Author doing everything they can to make this Story work, it really shows the more you read it. I’ll admit Chapter Two may not have been the strongest, but it did have that perfect build-up to get me excited for Chapter Three. The beautiful concept is what really hooks you though.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 ~ I do feel it was a little short in some areas, and I do wish the Chapters were a little longer. But the Author makes up for this by updating a whole lot more, we get Chapters at a great pace, and I love this so much!

Great Time – No Alcohol Required ~


Life Through the Lens [#4 On The Ladder]

Updated on a daily basis, there is no doubt that this is the second best competitor to take some ranking from the Ladder. The layout is perfect, I do wish I saw a little more style, a few more design choices would be nice. But for what you are getting from Squonk, you can’t really argue that this is something you must READ, you must TRY. Beautiful pictures taken by Squonk, and the Author does mention that the pictures were taken before, not recently. Which is awesome as Squonk is being very honest with the Fans, the readers, and also the Community. There isn’t much to say other than you should try this out for yourself. Check it out, I have a feeling you might find something to like about it.

Overall Rating: Unrated, I can’t rate this due to how different it is to the other stories on this list. Sorry.

No Rating – Sorry ~



Curiosity Killed the Cat [#3 On The Ladder]

One Chapter, One Update, Hooked. Curiosity Killed the Cat is a story that will begin to develop this feeling inside of you where you just want Chapter Two. I am not going to rate this one either, due to how it’s unfinished, and is going through Hiatus by the looks of it. I recommend it to anyone who is curious enough to want a Chapter Two for this. No, seriously… This is a story that might just have its claws in you before you can even leave it for good. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would, it was Okay, I liked the pacing, but overall- It really does need a Chapter Two to be rated.



🌟They’re Gone [#1] 🌟

- Winner -

This Author has given me the breath of fresh air; it’s given me the chills that I needed for Winter. Thank You so much! Now for those of you who don’t know, I freaking love Horror / Thriller, I love that Genre alone. It’s always bursting with new ideas, new choices, new stories, and just a whole lot of Jump scares that may cheapen the experience. Moving on, this Author catches the Horror feel perfectly, I will admit the Thrilling side to this is much stronger than the Horror side. Come to think of it, I liked both. You can tell that Sophie put a whole lot of effort into this Story, each chapter giving you something new. Something to get into, and that’s the whole experience right there! You are being pulled in by the writer’s words, you want to know what happens. You want to know what comes next, it’s that GOOD.

Overall Rating: 9/10 ~ I have to give this a ‘9’ I do feel it fell flat a little. Again, the writing makes up for its mistakes, and I love how well the Story blends together.

Awesome~ It’s Just That Good. ★★★★☆


Children of The Sun (UnRated)

Harry Potter Fan-Fiction, I think the reason this gets to be on this Week’s Top 5 Movellas is due to how different it is to the other Fan-Fictions that try to develop Harry Potter’s LORE. I am actually not going to rate this one too, I want you to all judge it for yourselves. Personally, I didn’t read all of this, I couldn’t, I’m not that easily led into the world of Fan-Fiction. If you love Fan-Fiction, Harry Potter, this is the story for you. If you want something new, this is also for you. I’ll admit that the Story itself may interest you, but the later chapter didn’t interest me at all. However, the writing is perfect. You can tell the Author wanted to write something unique from the get go, thanks to Chapter One.

However, the writer also has beautiful description in this story. Not only that! The Cover just looks freaking amazing! I love how it contrasts nicely with the Bold title, it just looks incredible. And the story itself is gripping enough for someone to get into. But due to it being Fan-Fiction, you can kind of see why I'm not into it. Sorry.


Thanks for reading,

Top 5 Movellas Weekly ~ January [Week 2] ~ Results.

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