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15. Week 12 (04/03/2014) March 2014! [TOP 5 Movellas]


#1 - The Barbie Project 

The Barbie Project – This Movella has brought my attention to popular girls. Congratulations! – I loved the story, and can’t wait to see where this Movella goes. I have to admit, a story that portrays popular girls in such a unique way. It puzzles me to why I hadn’t thought of this… (Probably because I’m not a girl?) No! :3 - Written By: Mirlotta

Over-all: 8.5/10

#2 - I Am Experiment X


I Am Experiment X,” this is a very unique piece of work indeed. I have to admit, Paranormal/Supernatural, well I don’t come across this genre too often. So this was a great taste of what I was searching for. It had the flavour of suspense, and kept me interested throughout what I’ve read. Please keep writing! – Written By: Rachel_f_w

Over-all: 8.0/10


#3 - Salvatore

Salvatore - Salvatore is a story based off a TV-Series. Now apparently, this is a fan-fiction. I'm not too sure whether this is true. However, I loved the story, and this inspired me to watch the TV-Series. So thank-you! And I have to say that this story is full of my favourites. - Written By: ens317

Over-all: 7.6/10



#4 - Help Me Hide A Body

Help Me Hide A Body - This is a truly amazing Fan-Fiction Movella! - I loved it. And I'm so looking forward to the increase in chapters. More chapters means more reviews! - Keep it up. Prez isn't a stranger to me, and I'm sure she isn't a stranger to you guys too. Right?

- Written By: Prez Cipher and GirlOfManyFandoms

Over-all: 7.4/10


#5 - The Silent Motel

The Silent Motel - An interesting take on something so harmless? - No way! I loved this horror story. And so far, I'm hoping for more chapters. If you keep writing like this, you'll be a star in my eyes. I don't mind the cover, some would say it looks cheesy. However, the story is great! - So... never judge a book by its cover. - Written By: Mr Freeman

Over-all: 6.0/10


Thanks for writing Authors! - Be sure to check back next week! 


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- Keep writing Authors. You are all amazing writers. And I can't wait for more! -







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