Top 5 Movellas of the Week!

Welcome Movellians, Loyal Fans, Newcomers,
Top 5 Movellas Weekly Has Returned. Starring: Luke J.R, Ms Holly, (2 Other Judges) We are back for [2016] and we are ready to bring you Weekly Updates. Daily Updates, also ready to bring you more content than ever before! New Judges, New Cover, New Design, New Style, New Rules, everything has been spruced up for this New Year. Sadly, Top 5 Movellas Weekly was discontinued in (Mid-2015) Nobody thought it was coming back, but now it is starting to show Life. We really hope you have a great Experience here on Movellas. We cannot wait to begin with the first Week!


2. Week 1

The five chosen Movellas for the week are as follows:

1. The Killing of Fat Boy Koen by Ray. Chosen by Adam. Dark, disturbing, seriously hardcore pummelingly awesome prose, with enough content warnings to make your granny wanna drink bleach laced with 80 percent proof vodka and shuffle off her mortal coil, even if she's already on medication and tripping the morphine fantastic. Razor sharp writing, killer content, aspirants read this, and weep. Then learn. It's that good. Dodgy characters and content, as fits the milieu, you just need to read one chapter to think WTF.  Then you just gotta read the rest...  

2. Temptress of the Shadow by Scarlet Lark. Chosen by Adam. There's a wonderfully seductive and decadent quality to this, like damask velvet stroking the back of your neck, as your lover dallies with you. Descriptive, elegant, erotic and scary, writing to die for. This needs to gain traction, hence the recommendation.

3. RuMBLE!!!! (pokemon fan-fiction) by D.C. Williams. Chosen by Dann. I loved this one because I am a big fan of pokemon, but it's not written for children as you have imagined, and it's not a story you would expect. It's set in America and is written for adults in a way. It's very good.

4: In A World Of Gods And Monsters by KLDjohn. Chosen by Dann. I'm growing more fond of poems and these are the reason why. They are beautiful and abstract, the first poem in the book is my favourite, it reads like an epic poem of love and resolve. Very beautiful.

5. Tooth Shard The Throne Of Alaska By WimpGuy, Chosen By xxJessxx. This was a very outstanding piece of work, I loved every second of it

The cover got me interested as well as the title did, I loved how it was all set out, I had to read it twice since I loved it that much x.

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