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Welcome Movellians, Loyal Fans, Newcomers,
Top 5 Movellas Weekly Has Returned. Starring: Luke J.R, Ms Holly, (2 Other Judges) We are back for [2016] and we are ready to bring you Weekly Updates. Daily Updates, also ready to bring you more content than ever before! New Judges, New Cover, New Design, New Style, New Rules, everything has been spruced up for this New Year. Sadly, Top 5 Movellas Weekly was discontinued in (Mid-2015) Nobody thought it was coming back, but now it is starting to show Life. We really hope you have a great Experience here on Movellas. We cannot wait to begin with the first Week!


16. (Starting A Whole New Year!) January [2016]

Hello Loyal Fans, Hello Movellians, Hello Newcomers,

Top 5 Movellas Weekly is returning for a New Year, (2016)- This was supposed to have been announced near the end of December (2015) It never happened due to some slight problems, a few distractions, I apologise for that. So, now it is time to say ‘Hello’ ~ Adele – To the New & Improved Top 5 Movellas Weekly! [New] There is now a New Cover! I’m also going to be searching for the replacements, looking for Two Other Judges! (Possibly Three) It’s too late to rely on the two from Years ago returning to Movellas. I don’t think they have the time anymore, and to be honest, it’s always best to keep moving forward in times like these. I wish them all the luck in the world, and I thank xXJessXx my cousin for making this on Movellas. This truly has grown in strength, design, detail, and overall community friendly.

So, It’s now time to Vote for the Three Judges that you would like to take place supporting this on Movellas.

Write a COMMENT below for Movellians that you know, Username, and the reason why you want that said ‘person’ to join the Judges. Remember, you can only [Vote] once, but you can vote again after 24 Hours. Remember this please. Anyone who breaks this rule will have their comment deleted ASAP.

Thank You,

- Luke J.R

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