In A World Of God's and Monsters

This will be a compilation of poetry of all styles and forms written on topics ranging from love to the twisted and surreal.


2. Psychology

Longingly Lonely

Standing atop the lonely hill,

Glancing down at the emptiness below,

A distant voice calls out to me,

I recognise, but don’t quite know.


Having stood for so long in a room so bare,

Conversing with he who wasn’t there,

Before he left on his lonely trip,

To listen now I don’t quite dare.


But call he does and louder still,

Returning to complete our discussion,

Across the fields of the secluded night,

 So nervous of the repercussion.


His words they dance upon the dark,

Calling out to those in need,

A seed of thought plant’s in my mind,

Continue on or commit the deed.


I know where this leads for I’ve walked this road,

Though right now I cannot see his face,

With my companion gliding by my side,

I must return to that lonely place.


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