In A World Of God's and Monsters

This will be a compilation of poetry of all styles and forms written on topics ranging from love to the twisted and surreal.


1. Love

In A World Of God's and Monsters.


In a world of God’s and Monsters,

Only one could hurt me.

From chaos sprang Ra,

Cosmos created,

God’s and Monster’s roam free.


I should have understood,

Talos guarding the beautiful land.

Alas like warriors of old,

His ankle no more,

One less obstacle between you and me.


Poseïdon’s creatures defending,

Or this is so it seemed.

Charybdis avoided,

But lacking the Nereid’s,

Where was my guidance to you?


Echidna attempted to devour,

Resisted, my heart was pure.

Harpies passed by,

For Echidna or me?

Warning’s hard to see.


Manticore, the eater of man,

Could not prevent me from reaching you.

But no Griffin guarded,

My treasure sought,

Though God’s and Monster’s roam free.


Cerberus, the watch-dog of Hell,

Though passed did not deter.

Spirits escaping,

Mortals entering,

All would listen but me.


Siren’s resisted,

The sacred highway found.

The Sphinx,

Formerly the Guardian of Tombs,



Finally I arrived at the West Gate of Death,

To claim your hand as my own.

But all at once,

It all made sense,

The warning’s for you were my Monster.


From our blood sprang Pegasus,

The realisation of a beautiful catastrophe.

Perhaps when I’m gone,

You will become my Griffin,

Guarding my old tomb.


Should I return I hope to be Salamander,

Able to resist the fire of your volcano.

For in a World of God’s and Monsters,

Where God’s and Monster’s roam free,

Only you could hurt me.


Drifting Away.


Drifting drifting drifting away,

Further and further every day,

When the wind blows the clouds cannot stay,

But all I want is to remain.


Drifting drifting drifting away,

Pushing me more every day,

If only you’d pull then I could remain,

I Just want to stay.


Drifting drifting drifting away,

Harder to cope every day,

Actions and words and the things you don’t say,

But all I want is to remain.


Drifting drifting drifting away,

Tried so hard and I prayed every day,

Guess there’s reasons you didn’t but come what may,

I just wanted to stay.


Drifting drifting,

Drifted away.

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