Normandy Boarding School

Normandy Boarding School is about a girl named Ashley who finds herself in a sticky situation when it comes to bullying. All her life she has gotten what she wanted no matter what. She manages to talk her parents into relocating her to this prestigious school thinking that her wit and charisma will guide her through the year. Ashley is soon accepted by a group of hateful girls after they find out she was the leader of her own bullying clique back at her old school. However, as soon as she settles in she starts to see visions of another girl that lived in her room many years ago named Valery O'Connell. Valery O'Connell is determined to show Ashley her life and death because she feels that Ashley holds the key to turning things around at Normandy Boarding School.


3. The Real Deal


Ashley felt her legs moving, and saw her arms brushing another person’s hair. The room wasn’t her dorm room. “Where am I?”

“You, are about to see what it feels like to be bullied,” stated the voice as it held Ashley prisoner.

Two girls came into view. One had fiery hair and the other had beautiful golden hair. When they looked in Ashley’s direction they both started laughing and pointing her way. Ashley looked around her, but she didn’t see anyone standing near. Could they be laughing at me? Ashley thought as she tried to back away.

“Where are you trying to run off to? Don’t you have something to do?” snarled the girl with the red hair.

Ashley felt her body bend down and pick up a pack of papers, and a small bag of something else. She looked at the papers, and noticed that they all had different names written across the top. They were making her do their homework. Ashley tried to speak up, she tried to argue. However, it was no good. She was reliving the events of the ghost’s memory.

“Pig, make sure every answer is correct or I will make your life a living hell,” stated the blond girl as she shoved Ashley to the floor.

Ashley tried to gather all the pages up, but footsteps were heard. So she left a few on the floor. Finally after every last page was collected in hand, Ashley took the papers to her room and sat them on her desk. She opened the small bag and found it full of dirty underwear. She could feel hot tears running down her face. “Hey, stop that. Don’t touch those. We aren’t washing those I know.”

It was too late she saw her hands washing off poop and blood as her tears fell into the sink. Ashley felt horrible, she wanted to hurt those girls. However, she was still under the control of the ghost. After the panties were washed she moved back to her desk and started working on the papers. Finally the clock hit three in the morning and there was a knock at the door.

“Do you have our things?” Questioned the blond girl.

“Yes, I do.”

Soon Ashley was back at the desk working on another assignment. The name on this assignment was Valery O’Connel. Who is Valery Ashley wondered. Her body was getting tired, but the ghost would not let up. Soon six o’clock struck and Ashley found her body in motion once again. Ashley showered , and grabbed the assignment on the table and ran out the door.

The big oak door seemed to yell out pain, and Ashley could feel another emotion creeping in. She walked by the desk and handed in the assignment, and quickly returned to her seat. At the end of class the teacher called her over to her desk and handed the assignment back with a giant F at the top. Tears started to flow once again.

“Thanks for all of your hard work, we got A’s on our paper,” bragged the red head.                     

Ashley looked on in silence. After she returned to her room she pulled out a large piece of paper with a note attached.


You must make at least a B on your next paper if you want to remain at Normandy Boarding School. This grade it very important, so make sure you get plenty of rest.

Head Master,


Before Ashley could read the rest the ghost folded the paper up and placed it back in the cubby. With communication limited Ashley could only feel remorse. Her heart hurt for Valery, but there was nothing she could do. Once again she felt her body moving. This time it was moving up the stairs. The rows were coming faster and faster until they stood before a large black door. Ashley looked on in silence as she felt her hands push it open. Soon it was all too clear. Ashley felts her shoes being removed one by one. “No, you can’t do this. No don’t do this. You can tell someone. It wasn’t your fault. Please don’t do this,” She cried.


It was too late, Ashley stood at the tower watching Valery fall to the ground. Before she could turn and run the ghost appeared once again.

“Do you understand why I led you here?”

“Do you want to kill me too?”

“No, but I wanted to show you how it felt living the life of the bullied.”

Ashley’s eyes grew large and the room started to spin. The next thing she saw was her roommate across from her sleeping like a baby. She walked over to the bed, and gently pushed her on shoulder. “Hey if you still want my bed, I would be more than happy to give it to you. As a matter of fact , I think we should eat breakfast together.”

“Do I know you?”Candice asked as she placed her hand on Ashley’s forehead.

“Nope, but soon we will be best friends.”

"Uh, okay," Candice giggled. 

The End  

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