The School Of Bullies!

The story, of a young girl who is 8 years old. She has recently moved house since her Mum and Father split up from each other. Separating Mel who is the 8 year old girl from her one and only Father. Mel also has to move school, a heart breaking moment while saying good-bye to her old friends forever... As you follow Mel's life at her new school, all she wants is a better life, she wish's everything is back to normal...


8. The Power Surge With Deep Trouble!

Johnny's strength was weakened from the fall. The impact of his fall was so hard. That he heard something crunch inside of him. Hoping it was nothing too serious, he attempted to drag himself to the electronics room. His eyes lashed out tears like no tomorrow. Blood prints were left behind, trying to drag his injured body out of the kitchen. It was pitch black, you could not see anything in front of you. Even behind you was blurry. Grasping the living room door handle, trying to open it at the height of his belly. His grasp was good enough, slowly pushing pressure onto the door. Inhaling the smell of blood, while trying to get to the television. Joey heard his dad breathing heavily. Trying to escape the house for medical help. Attempting to dash for the front door. He ran on his bloody feet, bare foot on the sharp gravel. "Ahhhh!" he shouted, while covering his mouth.

Hoping to block enough of his noise out. So no-body could hear him, especially his dad. Johnny reached the television, trying to search for the keys on ground level. The carpet was rough, from where milk was spilled earlier on. Looking behind the wires, beyond the dust. Trying to find the keys for the electronics room. The neighbour approached Joey, with her bloody closed hands. A police officer was armed with a heavy truncheon in his left hand. "Oi, stop right there!" shouted the police officer with the smell of whisky breathing into the atmosphere.

Joey saw the police officer, tears rolled down his terrified face. The neighbour explained everything already to the officer. "You kid, are coming with me!" The officer shouted with a deep voice. Joey's mind got the better of him once again. Causing him to become a violent person on the streets. A danger to the world. Snatching the bloody bat out of the neighbour's wrinkled hands. "Stay away from me!" Joey insisted with a powerful voice. Evidence was all around him, staring the officer in the face. Blood stains was on Joey's creased shirt. "You want to play rough!" Joey grunted, as he tapped the neighbour on her right leg. Using the bloody bat for assistance. The officer could see that Joey was armed with a weapon, including blood on his shirt. He wouldn't need to explain anything since the officer could already have him arrested. Thanks to the clear evidence and the CCTV camera's.

Joey shoved the neighbour off her heels onto the edge of a metal car. Denting the metal as she hit the car with impact. "Are you okay madam?" said the officer with a soft gentle voice. Joey saw that this was the perfect opportunity to dash from them. From the corner of the neighbour's left swollen eye, she saw Joey made a turn to the alley. "He went into the alley" whispered the neighbour. "Okay, attention a young boy last seen on lax polo road, armed with a bloody baseball bat". "We going to need back up as soon as possible". The officer gave out his commands with a loud sharp voice. The other officers arrived a few minutes late. The officer asked them if they could come with him into the alley. One of the officers laughed, since she had a dirty mind. "Nothing is a joke, you understand!" She said sorry to him, apologising for her actions. Joey hid underneath the garbage bags. Trying to hide away from the police. 


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