The School Of Bullies!

The story, of a young girl who is 8 years old. She has recently moved house since her Mum and Father split up from each other. Separating Mel who is the 8 year old girl from her one and only Father. Mel also has to move school, a heart breaking moment while saying good-bye to her old friends forever... As you follow Mel's life at her new school, all she wants is a better life, she wish's everything is back to normal...


7. The Arrival & The End?

The house was now empty. It seemed that way, if you were outside. No noise from the children, no arguing. It was pretty peaceful without children. The rooms were all clear of noise. Dangerous objects and toys left on the floor. That was no longer the problem. The new problem was for Johnny, if he returns home. Driving his black shielded car, wearing dark black shiny shades. Moving his hands over the steering wheel. Waiting down the street, not far from Johnny was the police. Parking his clean spotless car onto the broken corner of the drive. Turning around, trying to park perfectly. Who was he impressing I wonder?. The front door was locked tight. Luckily for Johnny he had a spare set of keys. His face sweated while unleashing a horrible smell from his arm pits. All in a days work, he thought to himself. While rubbing his hand on his swollen eye. Back at the supermarket. It was quiet, silent even. There was no noise, tired and smelly staff workers were getting ready to go home.

All except one, Mrs Lilly-pad laid on the cold wet counter. Waiting for her boyfriend, he was no where to be seen though. Her eyes began to get sore, as a long dreadful yawn came out of her. Her eyes started to get sleepy, trying to stay awake, she kept pinching herself. It was no good, her eyes closed, while falling into one of the cardboard boxes. Loud snoring was now bellowing from the massive box. Inside the toilets, Carly had her guard all wrapped up. He couldn't escape if he wanted to, as he smiled at Carly with glee. Her wet tongue went towards his dry lips. He resisted, from Carly's charms. Pulling her closer to him, he made out with her instead. It was a powerful emotional moment for Carly.

However, back at the home. Johnny placed his shiny key into the wedged key hole. While looking down, making sure he is tidy for his kids. Slowly walking into the living room with his sweaty hands on the remote. His belly on the other hand, wanted something else. Instead of entertainment, he was hungry for dinner. After remembering that he promised his family, that he would cook tonight. Standing while lifting himself up using the arm of the sofa to balance. He took a few steps towards the kitchen, while his arms were aching badly. "I'm too tired to cook" he thought to himself. The kitchen lights were flickering as the lunar moon reflected colour through the window.

Johnny's eyes were centred on the fridge. Licking his lips while grabbing a metal bent spoon from the tray. Moving closer and closer towards the fridge, a strange chill went up his spine. His brown curly hair was blown by the midnight winds. Trying to reach for the fridge, after slipping on something wet and sticky. His head aching arm hits the wall with a slam, as he hears something crack in his body. "Ahhhhh" he mumbles in pain with his eyes looking down. In his left pocket was an old flash light, he used to use it on long shifts. It was the right moment to use it since his eyes couldn't see anything. Joey could hear Johnny in pain, since he was lying next to him. Joey rolled over, trying to avoid being seen by his dad.

Crawling underneath the table with the dark coloured cloth. Joey laid underneath trying to sleep. His heart rate was going insane, his blood boiled inside of him. He felt like he was going to faint. After pulling out his old flash light, hoping it would work. Johnny shined it onto the floor, where he was sitting in pain and agony. He moved his hand towards his flash light. While looking directly at the broken window. His face went from in pain to fury. Grabbing the edge of the table, he tried to lift himself up. "Ahhhh" the pain was too horrifying for him, every time he tried to stand. He kept hearing a crunch in his body. He then stared at his hand in shock. "Blood?", it was sticky and smelt like metal. While the wet blood dripped from his shaken hand to his old flash light.

Covering the lens, blocking out the bright light. Reaching desperately for his phone from his lower pocket. Grasping the phone was difficult, since he couldn't fully move without pain. Pulling the phone slowly out of the pocket. While trying to get a good grasp around it. Blood dripped from his arm onto the damp floor. Tapping the number keys for the emergency services. Trying to get through to them was a pain. Remembering from earlier on, when he was the only one awake. On the news it said they were going to have a power surge at midnight. He gasped only just realising that he can't get through to them...


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