The School Of Bullies!

The story, of a young girl who is 8 years old. She has recently moved house since her Mum and Father split up from each other. Separating Mel who is the 8 year old girl from her one and only Father. Mel also has to move school, a heart breaking moment while saying good-bye to her old friends forever... As you follow Mel's life at her new school, all she wants is a better life, she wish's everything is back to normal...


6. Joey's Regrets & The Witness!

The sky was now turning dark. Bats started to levitate into the sky. Still lying almost dead with blood drooling from inside was Mel against a wall. Joey started to hate himself, he thought that it was a thief. Looking down at Mel's bloody face as tears looped around his soft cold nose. His spine felt a strange chill run up his back. Turning around with his fists closed, anger on his face with blood dripping from his hands. "Stay with me Mel..please" Joey whispered while imprinting a small kiss on her injured forehead. Carly's heels were grasped by the security guard, her nails dug into the damp floor. Trying to get a strong grip, to push her self away from the exit. The guards muscles were strong like metal, his grip was firm and strong. Carly fell in love with him, since his muscles were the right size for her. Remembering the old days. Carly remembered a particular time in the past when she was fifteen. It was a time when she cheated on boys she loved.

Her old childish mind was returning back to her. The devilish thoughts began to flood her memory in her clever brain. "Stay here with me please" Carly replied while pulling the guard closer with her long smooth legs.The guard chuckled, trying to break free and remove Carly from the store so they can close. Her mind was now being replaced with her childish,devilish brain from the past. The guard used all his muscle to break out of Carly's grasp. However hard he tried, it was no use. Carly managed to pull him onto the ground at her level. Slowly placing her firm long fingers around his pockets. "Where's the keys?" Carly asked with a twitch in her eye. The guard was trying to stand up, sadly for him he couldn't. Trying to break out of Carly's legs is almost impossible. He tried to say your not having my keys. However he got interrupted by Carly who gagged his mouth with her damp soggy feet. 

Back at the home. Joey was trying to move Mel out of the cold into the warm home. The neighbour popped her head over the wooden fence. She asked Joey, "Is this bat yours?". Joey had a nervous breakdown, he was now facing a criminal record. Ignoring the neighbour as he drags Mel inside the house. "Is she okay?" shouted the neighbour with a soft voice. Joey let his mind do the talking, which didn't turn out well. "Mind ya own business, get lost!" Joey shouted with fury in his voice. The neighbour got down from the fence, while crying tears with the bloody bat in her hand. Back at the toilets. Carly had stolen the keys from the guards pocket.

As she rubbed her cute but soggy feet on the guards lips. Before Carly got up to lock the door, she wrapped the guard up using his strong sticky tape. That she found in his back pocket. Trying to speak was the guard, "..." his words were too mumbled up from the fact that he had a foot in his mouth. Gagging him from speaking again. Johnny sent a message to Joey's phone, to say that he is coming home now to make dinner. Joey's nerves began to irritate him so much that he couldn't type a message back. His shaking that was taking over him, stopping him from moving or talking. Dropping Mel's soft bloody almost lifeless body on the floor. Joey cuddled her, keeping her warm. While he was shaking, causing him too much fear. Mel and Joey layed next to each other in a blood puddle. While Joey's little heart couldn't take any more. He shut his eyes, while his heart almost stopped...


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