The School Of Bullies!

The story, of a young girl who is 8 years old. She has recently moved house since her Mum and Father split up from each other. Separating Mel who is the 8 year old girl from her one and only Father. Mel also has to move school, a heart breaking moment while saying good-bye to her old friends forever... As you follow Mel's life at her new school, all she wants is a better life, she wish's everything is back to normal...


2. Joey & Mel Make-Up!

Mel looked down, while thinking of what she has done to Joey. Her tears began to elapse her eyelashes, as she blinked twice. "Joey" whispered Mel, Joey was still facing his pillow literally. "Yes sis?" Joey replied softly, as tears rolled down his soft sleeves. Mel couldn't just say sorry, it's not that easy saying sorry to someone, well for some people. Joey gently brushed his tears from his red veined eyes. "Your eyes are sore?" replied Mel, Joey looked away from Mel for a few seconds. "Don't hide from me Joey" whispered Mel with her soft voice. Joey turned around, slowly facing Mel's dreary face. He could see that his sister has been crying too. "Mel are you okay?" asked Joey with his slightly deeper but soft voice. Mel thought inside her mind on what to say for the apology. Joey slowly placed his feet on the ground, as he gradually stood up  from his bed onto the soft warm carpet.

"Come here Mel, i'm sorry for upsetting you" whispered Joey with a whelping voice. Mel turned towards Joey as a smile began to light up on her soft glossy face. Her tears began to soothe into her warm skin. Joey took tiny steps towards his sister to apologise with a great massive hug. Mel rapidly ran to his brothers arms, while she began to feel safe and secure once again. "Joey, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings" whispered Mel as her voice was quiet, from Joey's cuddle. Joey looked down at Mel with a smile that shined onto Mel's upset face. "Mel, it's my fault, don't blame yourself for this" Joey replied as his voice was louder than Mel's since his mouth wasn't covered by arms. Mel looked up at Joey's happy face, as she began to steadily wipe Joey's dry tears from his soaked face. "I won't leave you Joey, never okay?" replied Mel with worries changing her voice from normal to shaken words. "Don't be silly Mel, I will always be there for you, it's my job, remember as a brother".

Mel's smile lit up more as Joey's kind words built up happiness inside her. "Joey your the best big brother, a younger girl could ask for" Joey's face was no longer covered in dry tears, it was now shining with happiness from Mel's lovely tender words. Joey's mobile went onto vibrate mode, as Mel left the room with a happy smile on her cute little face. The sky was still bright blue across the horizon. As the sun began to shine more, the clouds were also casting shadows under the roofs. Joey answered the phone with his firm hands, "Hello, who's this?" replied Joey to the other mysterious person. It was their mother Carly. "Joe hun, is Mel okay about us moving house?" Joey put the phone down on hold, while taking deep breaths. He had only just remembered the bad news or good news that he hasn't told his sister. "We always tell each other the truth, no lies Joey"

Joey remembered the exact words that his sister told him in the past. "Oh no!" Joey whispered as he gasped for more air from his bedroom window. Mum turned off her phone, since the battery was about to die. "Mum?" replied Joey, no answer he thought. Mel was skipping down stairs with her old jump rope. It was the present that she got when Joey won it from the fair. They called it their best brother and sister forever present. It could never be broken as Joey promised to Mel before. Joey started to worry, Carly has left the phone with no good-bye. Mel was happy as any girl should be, Joey was furious with shock that his mum Carly has said no good-bye...

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