The School Of Bullies!

The story, of a young girl who is 8 years old. She has recently moved house since her Mum and Father split up from each other. Separating Mel who is the 8 year old girl from her one and only Father. Mel also has to move school, a heart breaking moment while saying good-bye to her old friends forever... As you follow Mel's life at her new school, all she wants is a better life, she wish's everything is back to normal...


1. Mel & Joey <3!

It was an early windy morning. Blue fluffy birds were tweeting as their feathers got carried by the warm winds. Inside the lovely warm home lived a girl called Mel. Her mother recently went shopping before leaving behind her keys. Mel was a eight year old girl who loved to explore. Her friends were almost everyone in her grade. Waiting down stairs for Mel was Joey. He was Mel's older brother who was always looking out for her. No matter what the consequences were. He never let her down. As the fluffy white clouds shadowed over their home. Casting a large shadow of Mel's figure on the dusty gravel. It was almost time for school. Joey had already shouted from down stairs. "Mel, come on sis" mum was still out shopping for groceries. Their father was busy fishing. "Mel, do you want me to say goodbye for you?" asked Joey. Mel didn't understand. Joey has never asked that question before. It startled Mel as she continued to brush her blonde shiny hair.

"Joey will you give me a hand please" replied Mel while using her soft angel voice. Joey was always loving and caring to his younger sister. Mel loved him as far as Joey understood. "I'll come help you Mel" shouted Joey. As Mel was finishing brushing her lovely blonde hair. Joey burst through the door to help Mel. This made Mel jump a little. However inside she felt happy to see him. Joey could see on her younger sister's soft face that he made her jump. "I'm sorry sis didn't mean to make you jump..." whispered Joey. As Mel was getting down from her stool that she uses to reach the mirror. "Careful sis you might fall" Joey said with his deeper voice. Mel always thought that maybe Joey is too loving and caring. She always thinks that he smothers her all the time. Mel wished that Joey would let her do things by her self. Since she wanted to show her beautiful mother that she is growing up.

Joey backed off from Mel as he could see that his sister was getting annoyed. "I'm sorry again..." Joey whispered while walking away with his head down. As Joey moved towards his tidy bedroom with blue clear tears rolling down his face. The tears elapsed Joey's lips as they dripped from his chin to his bedroom floor. Mel felt sorry for Joey. She didn't mean to offend him in anyway. Before Mel decided to do what was right she started to brush her teeth. The phone rang from downstairs. Joey was too busy crying. He couldn't hear the loud ring tone on his father's phone. Mel managed to hear a quiet almost silent sound. Since Mel loved to explore she went down stairs after throwing the toothbrush on the floor in a hurry. The phone was almost about to cut off as Mel grabbed the phone with her soft little hands. "Hello?" replied Mel. "Can you please come over here Mel". Mel thought she recognised the voice on the other side of the phone. It was Lilly.

Her best friend from her school. Mel whispered back to Lilly on the phone so it wouldn't alert Joey. "Lilly, what's happened?". Lilly sounded grumpy with a bit of fear putting her voice off track. "Mmum, is having some issues". Mel could tell by the sound of Lilly's voice that she weren't joking. She could however tell that she was shaking with fear. "I'll ask if I can come over okay Lilly?" replied Mel with her soft whispers. As the sun began to blaze out of the clouds forming heat inside of Mel's home. It was obvious that Mel should ask her brother. He would never let her down. Joey was still blubbering with tears causing puddles on the bed room carpet. "Joey!" shouted Mel with fear in her mind. It may of been too late to help her best friend. Joey was lying at an angle with a pillow pressed against his face. It was quite an impact on Mel. Since she has never seen him like this before. Looking at Joey she could tell that he needed her more than Lilly needed Mel...

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