Young, fifteen year old Scythe moves to Denmark with her family. Surprisingly enough, she's not that sad about leaving her home country, seeing as she doesn't have many friends there. After a couple months there, everything still seems so exciting and new for her, and after learning the new language, she's more than ready to start school. In the beginning everyone treats her nicely, and she feels welcomed. But as the months pass, and very quickly a year passes, she and her few friends, become more and more a couple of outsiders, and Scythe develops some psychological problems.
Who falls in love with who? Who dies? And what other problems await? Like and favorite, and if enough people do, I'll start writing.

- Chelsea n_n x


1. Random title

Scythe woke by the sound of footsteps, coming down the hall to her room. She pulled the blanket over her head, and moaned. In just a few seconds, she will be forced to awake from her sleep. She grabbed her phone off the table beside her bed, just as her mom opened the door. 

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