The Winged Ones

This is just a movella I have written for no actual reason about people with wings, because I am obsessed with flying people...


7. What have I done? (Yuroki)

I hovered nervously at the enterance of the rocky canyon. Sayko would find it hard enough to fly in there... let alone evade the airats! I had just killed him. Even if he didn't die when I pushed him off the cliff, he would die now, at the claws of the airats. All because of me. All because I had to investigate why he had flown badly. Why did I do it? I really don't know. It might be... I had no time to think about it now. I just needed to decide : do I leave him to die, or do I try to help him by attempting to follow the airats. If I followed him, I would probably die. If I left him, I would live with so much guilt that my days would become unbearable. I groaned, and fluttered nervously forwards. Then I stopped, and made the descision that would change my life, or ... or end it. I closed my eyes, trying to think straight. Then, I opened them, fixed my eyes on the rocky canyon, and soared in.

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