The Winged Ones

This is just a movella I have written for no actual reason about people with wings, because I am obsessed with flying people...


5. I'm going to die (Sayko)

I was so stupid. Why had I flown into the rocks. Screaming in terror, I folded my wings and spiralled through a short stone tunnel. I emerged right at the bottom of the canyon, and almost crashed into the ground. I opened my wings again, beating them hard so I didn't crash. Then I tried to fly off again, swerving around huge rock towers and trying not to crash. Then I realised my huge mistake. I remembered something that I hadn't thought of when I entered this huge place. When someone came in, the airats - huge, vicious creatures who were amazing at flying - chased them. It was what they were supposed to do. Whoever came into the rocky canyon usually wanted to train. So the airats chased them to improve their skill. And now, the airats were going to come after me...

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