The Winged Ones

This is just a movella I have written for no actual reason about people with wings, because I am obsessed with flying people...


9. He saved my life (Sayko)

The second airat landed on the ground next to its friend. My wing seemed to be exploding in pain. The airats breath made me wince: the foul stench of it was so disgusting I was close to throwing up. I whimpered in terror, wishing I could sink into the ground and end up back in my bed. With a cruel glint in its eye, the airat widened its jaws, and threw back its head. I knew exactly what this meant. It was about to sink its deadly fangs into my head... But the fatal bite never came. I looked up, imagining my ceiling, imagining this was all a dream. The airat was still there, but... its attantion was not on me. I instinctivly looked over to the spot the airats eyes had focused on. No way... It was Yuroki, the kid who had tried to kill me. I couldn't beleive it. He had pushed me off a cliff, now he was yelling, not at me, but at the airat. "Come on! Come and get me!" He shouted at the top of his voice. Then he threw something - not anything particularly deadly, but still enough to save my life. It was a rock. Luckily for me, it found its target. The airat who had just been about to kill me. He picked up more from the ground, and threw them all at the airats. Then he backed away slowly, mouthing one word at me before the airats leapt after him. Run.

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