The Winged Ones

This is just a movella I have written for no actual reason about people with wings, because I am obsessed with flying people...


8. Following my death (Yuroki)

I tried to stay on trail of the airats by following their snarls. They were very noisy, making it easier to track them. I flew as fast as I dared - which wasn't exactly speedy. The rocks would hurt if I crashed into them, and I couldn't risk that. I would break my nose and injure myself and then I would be no help to Sayko whatsoever. The snarls were getting fainter. I had to hurry up. My flying sped up. I missed a huge rock by a milimeter. Then I crashed into another rock, bashing my head pretty hard. "Ow..." I murmured, but carried on going, this time slower. My head throbbed. I needed to stop, but I couldn't. I couldn't... Not if I wanted to help Sayko. I decided to land and run on foot - otherwise I could crash again. Running would make me slower and more exhausted, but it would result in less injuries. I had to get there in time. I had to help Sayko.

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