The Winged Ones

This is just a movella I have written for no actual reason about people with wings, because I am obsessed with flying people...


4. Flying away (Sayko)

"You pushed me off the cliff?!" I yelled at the other winged kid who had just confessed about what he'd done to me. I was extremely angry. "You could have killed me!" I hollered. He'd introduced himself as Yuroki. Well, whoever this Yuroki kid was, I was pretty angry at him. Why had he tried to kill me? I threw a punch at him. Yukoriyelped as my fist struck him in the stomach, sending him spinning through the air for a few seconds before he gained control. Then I turned and sped off, darting through the sky like an arrow. I wasn't going to try and fight him. I didn't want to fight a wannabe killer. He would be too ruthless, and I wanted to get away from him. I headed for the rocks, where the-really-good-at-flying adults who had been in the air for years and years. Was I really going to try and fly here. Yes. If it meant I lost Yuroki, it would be worth it... as long as I didn't crash into a massive rock. "Wait! Please, I can explain!" he yelled behind me. I was tempted to yell out, 'No, you actually really can't!' But I decided not to waste my breath. I shot through the sky, heading for the rocks. I had to do this. I had to outrun this killer. I had to.

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