Bully me

Amber Greene, A girl who's been bullied by Harry Styles and his gang since 5th grade. One day Harry is kicked out of his own house by his own parents because they want him to be mature and responsible. Harry had no idea where to go when there's an accident between him and Amber, Amber was forced to let Harry lived with her. Obviously there will be chaos but will Harry see the real true Amber and maybe fall for her? Read and find out ;)


1. Chapter 1


A/N so this is my first novel here! enjoy! :D




Amber's P.O.V.

I hear the birds singing a sweet melody, the sun shining through my windows, i can smell the fresh smell of the dews resting in the plants.... What a wonderful day.... HELL NO! it's the start of my senior year and i'm dreading this day since the start of summer vacation. So I know your wondering why i hated school? Well I'm not like the popular cake-faced girls a.k.a. The bitches, whores, and sluts but I'm also not a nerd though i love reading books they Take me to 'Another World' (A/N see what i did there? ;) ) I'm just another loser who gets bullied by 'the populars' Specifically they're Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and their mastermime Harry Styles and of course their girlfriends but no need to mention because like everyweek they break up with their girlfriends except for Liam who's girlfriend is Danielle Peazer She's actually kind and nice to me and Louis' girlfriend Eleanor Calder she's also kind and nice to me like Danielle. They were bullying me since 5th grade so yeah my life's hard.

I went downstairs almost tripping. I took my cereal out of the cabinet and dumped some on my plate, i went to the refrigirator, grabbed some milk and poured it to my cereal. I started eating my cereal lazily. So you must be wonderig where my family is, well my parents are always on business trips and i'm an only daughter so yeah i live alone in this not-so-big house of mine. Onced i finished i washed my plate and went upstairs, took a quick shower and grabbed my denim jeans, and a purple shirt that has 'Love is for Dummies' written on it. I put on my clothes and also my black converse. I applied some mascara and eyeliner that makes my bluish-purplish eyes pop. I tied my black silky hair into a messy bun. I glanced at my clock, 7:30, 30 min more before school but I'm not worried being late because my house is only walking distance from school. Well it's better to be early than late besides i can avoid the 'popu' from bullying me if i'm early.

I went outside, locked my door and made my way to school. Once i finally reached the gate i saw them. Horrified, i sneaked into the other gate praying that they will not see me but just my luck a husky voice called out "Amber! Don't you want to join the fun?!" obviously Harry asked "No, i think i'll pass" i said trying to get away. "Is wittle Amber scared?" Harry's girlfriend, Trixie joined in. "N-no" i stuttered. "C'mere, Bitch" Mimi, Zayn's girlfriend called out. I know that if i didn't follow them i will probably get beat up so i quickly went to them "What do you want?" i asked harshly, well not my fault they just ruined my morning. "A bit feisty eh?" Zayn said to me smirking. I just ignored his silly comment and looked down at the ground. "So how did you afford the tuition this year, tramp?" Trixie teased. They actually think that I'm poor because of the clothes i use and i just walk to school. What they didn't know is that I'm actually quite rich i have a car but i let my aunt/neighbor use it because i don't really need to use it and about my clothes, i like what i'm wearing cuz it's comfy. I didn't answer them i just stared at the ground when i felt a stinging sensation on my cheeks i held the stinging part and looked at Trixie who's now smirking at me and laughing with her friends. "hope you learnt your lesson about ignoring me, bitch" i just stood there my eyes watering what did i do to ever deserve this? They started walking away from me when Danielle and Eleanor approached me "I'm really sorry love that we can't do anything" Danielle spoke first. "I-It's fine" i said through my silent sobs. "We're really sorry" Eleanor said with sincerity in her eyes. They both hugged me while i stood there shocked but after i realized what was happening i hugged them back. The bell suddenly rang we quickly wiped the tear off our eyes and smiled at each other.

i hurriedly went to my locker and grabbed the things i needed and ran to my algeb classroom. I opened the door to see my teacher already there Shit! "Ms. Greene, why are you late?" Ms. Sevilia said to me while giving me her signature death glares. "I...uhh...umm" i stuttered not knowing what to say. "Enough! go to your seat next to Mr. Styles." oh no not harry there must be another styles here. I looked at the class, i saw a familiar curly haired boy smirking at me. Oh god! This is gunna be hell. I went to my seat next to harry and started opening my book. This is gonna be hell.


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