The Residents: Angel and Demons Part 1 (#1)

At the age of four Ursula Knight witnessed her home burn to the ground with her mother trapped inside in a tragic accident. Only it wasn't an accident. Twelve years later Knight discovers her mother was murdered by a mysterious dark force. Now she must band together with an angel and a group of young revenge seekers to fight the forces of darkness (as well as the challenges of high school) and discover the dark secrets of their haunted california town in the first chapter of this supernatural thriller series. Part 1 of 2.

After a while I plan to realese stories of the residents series once a week for 22 weeks an then take a break before releasing more it will become like a tv series. This first book starts off slow but I promise by the next one you will be hooked. The general idea of this series is much like Buffy the Vampire slayer but I plan to take my story in a whole knew direction. Please enjoy and give honest feed back please


3. The pants

The bathroom was about as disgusting as every other public bathroom. There was gossip written all over the walls. Knight couldn't help but wonder why people care if Cary Smith is a whore while there trying to pee.
 As she walked to the sink, she felt eyes on her. Suddenly, in the mirror, she saw the tall man emerge from the stall next to the one she had been in.
 "Ursula Knight, I do not have a lot of time. We must do this fast," said the tall man.
 His words and sudden appearance made Knight feel dizzy. He had caught her off guard, but she still knew what to do. She cocked her foot back and slammed it into his testicles. He fell to the ground screaming. Knight began to run but the man grabbed her foot and brought her down with him. She felt what she assumed to be a tazer on her neck, and she was unconscious. 
 Kyra and John went to Johns house, because his mom was out of town on business. As Kyra walked in, John began making out with her, leading her to the couch. "I need to go to the bathroom to freshen up a little," Kyra said. 
 "Ill be waiting," said John
 After Kyra walked upstairs, she realized he hadn't told her were the bathroom is. She opened a door and found a room full of dolls. There must have been at least a hundred, and they all looked like little stuffed people. 
 Kyra began considering Knights theory. She found her way to the bathroom, and looked at herself nervously in the mirror. "Freshen up a little?! I sound like such a whore!"
 John walked up the stares to see what the hold up was. Kyra walked out and looked at him nervously. "I kinda got the wrong room when I was looking for the bathroom. The room with all the dolls, is that for your mom?" she asked nervously. 
 "Nope," Kyra starred at him intently. "It's my sisters, she's kind of a collector, shes staying with my mom. said John, finishing his sentence. "Now why don't you join me down stairs."
 "O, well listen. I know what you think is gonna happen tonight but, I act like a slut, I dress like a slut, and I even kinda walk like one but... Well no one knows this except Knight but, I'm a virgin." 
 "I understand, but theirs a first time for everything, right baby?" 
 "Yes, but just not tonight, goodnight John," she said as she began to leave.
 John looked at her with discuss. "Wow, you are such a tease."
 Kyra turned around to face him. "Excuse me!" demanded Kyra. "You are so no different than any other guy."
 "No your no different than any other girl," he shouted. "I have been fantasizing about this night for a while now and in not one of my fantasies did you say no."
 "A long time, we've only even known each other for like a couple of weeks," said Kyra
 John continued giving her a nasty look. "You really don't even remember me, do you? We had algebra together last year. Algebra, art, world geography, science, and English. You never even noticed me, but I thought about you all the time."
 "Wow, that's just about everything but girls P.E," admitted Kyra. She then walked over to him and kissed him. "but that's all for tonight. I didn't know we had all those classes together. I'm sorry I didn't notice you. That kiss was just a taste, but stick around long enough, you might just get the whole thing."
 As she began to leave again she whispered to herself "haha I got the pants now." John stopped her once again. 
 "Well why don't we just watch some tv," he suggested.
 She turned around "Yea, sure."
 "How about entertainment tonight?," asked John.
 Kyra looked at him and laughed "Na let's see what else is on."
 "Ok, what about Who Wants to be a Millionaire with Regis Philben?" he suggested.
 "Ou yea!" said Kyra smiling.
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