The Residents: Angel and Demons Part 1 (#1)

At the age of four Ursula Knight witnessed her home burn to the ground with her mother trapped inside in a tragic accident. Only it wasn't an accident. Twelve years later Knight discovers her mother was murdered by a mysterious dark force. Now she must band together with an angel and a group of young revenge seekers to fight the forces of darkness (as well as the challenges of high school) and discover the dark secrets of their haunted california town in the first chapter of this supernatural thriller series. Part 1 of 2.

After a while I plan to realese stories of the residents series once a week for 22 weeks an then take a break before releasing more it will become like a tv series. This first book starts off slow but I promise by the next one you will be hooked. The general idea of this series is much like Buffy the Vampire slayer but I plan to take my story in a whole knew direction. Please enjoy and give honest feed back please


5. The Demon

Ashton landed back on his feet. "why did you shoot me, I told you I mean you no harm."
Knight stared at him feeling dizzy. "Your Your an angel," she stuttered.
"Yes, I have already told you that. Do you suffer from some sort of short term memory loss?" he asked completely serious.
"But your an angel? You can't be an angel! You cant!" Knight began shouting.
"Why can I not be an angel?" Ashton asked becoming frustrated.
"Well because.... I kicked your ass. I can't kick an angels ass that has got to be like a double sin. Right?" asked Knight sounding upset.
"The lord will forgive you Ursula Knight."
"You said Roy went after the thing that killed my mother?"
"Roy Hamilton has gone after a secret knife that can kill Moraz, after he has retreaved the knife he will return here and gather the other recruits. Then they shall fight."
If Cabwell has the highest rate of demonic activity, why don't people know about the demons?" asked Knight, who was still feeling dizzy.
"Do you not think anything of all the strange murders and other cases youre father has dealed with. People choose to believe in what they call logical explanations for everything. That is why you did not believe me when I first told you I am an angel. No one ever believes me, yet they claim them selves Christians," Ashton said sounding depressed.
"I want to fight the demons, I want to save the town, and I want to kill the thing that has taken my mother," said Knight.
"You will, but vengeance is a sin," Ashton argued.
"Well that's to bad because it is also my motivation. Where did Roy go exactly?" Knight said changeing the subject.
"You must stay here and train," Ashton said ignoring the question.
"Ashton where is he!" asked Knight again this time holding up the gun.
"The first time you shot me, you were forgiven. You did not know where I am. I cannot say God will be so forgiveing the second time," Ashton said as he began walking up the stairs an Knight began to follow.
"I am not going anywhere yet only because I don't even know how to find or kill these demon things but that is all I need from you. She began as they exited the basement into a normal looking room.
All of a sudden out of no where came an old man. He jumped on top of Knight and she could tell he was no ordinary old man. He had super strength and his eyes seemed very dialated.
"and maybe some back up!" Knight shouted continueing her sentence.
The man stud up and threw Knight against a book shelf across the room nearly knocking her unconscious. Knight stud struggled to stand up as the demon possessed man ran at her.
Ashton then tried to attack the man but he was also thrown at a wall. Knight reached over and grabbed a boddle of holy water that rested on a table in the corner. She squirted him with it and the skin of the right side of his face began to burn and melt away. He screamed and Knight grabbed a cross to hold in front of her for protection.
"You retchid whore! The almighty Moraz will find you and you shall be the vessel!" insisted the demon.
"In the name of Jesus Christ get out of him!" shouted Ashton.
"You stupid imbusule! I fear no one!" exclaimed the demon.
Ashton began speaking Latin and the demon seemed as though it was in pane. It screamed and fell to its knees as a breth of wind swished out of the old man and blew the double doors open exiting the building.
Knight and Ashton ran to the man in panic. "Stay with us!" shouted Knight as the man opened his eyes that were no longer dialated.
"Are you Ursula Knight?" the man asked.
Knight began turning red "yes, yes that's me."
"Run and never stop. Do you here me never stop running. It is important that you run for as long as posible and when she finds you... You have to die. I'm sorry but you have to....kill yoursel before she finds you. The world depends on it." his eyes closed.
Knight stared in amazement. "He's dead."
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