The Residents: Angel and Demons Part 1 (#1)

At the age of four Ursula Knight witnessed her home burn to the ground with her mother trapped inside in a tragic accident. Only it wasn't an accident. Twelve years later Knight discovers her mother was murdered by a mysterious dark force. Now she must band together with an angel and a group of young revenge seekers to fight the forces of darkness (as well as the challenges of high school) and discover the dark secrets of their haunted california town in the first chapter of this supernatural thriller series. Part 1 of 2.

After a while I plan to realese stories of the residents series once a week for 22 weeks an then take a break before releasing more it will become like a tv series. This first book starts off slow but I promise by the next one you will be hooked. The general idea of this series is much like Buffy the Vampire slayer but I plan to take my story in a whole knew direction. Please enjoy and give honest feed back please


2. Probably No One

 They continued talking until they arrived at school. When they got to school they stepped off the bus and began walking towards the building but then stopped as Knight starred at a bench. "That's weird, John usually sits at that bench every day with his legs crossed like a girl," Knight said smiling.

 "Well I've never noticed that, but Regis used to sit with his legs crossed like a girl and it shows wisdom. I think it's sexy."  

 "You think Regis is sexy?" asked Knight. Kyra didn't answer but Knight could tell she was thinking about it.  

 "Shhh Roys coming," Kyra announced as he began to approach them.  

 "Hi Ursula, Kyra," he said nervously.  "Hi Roy", said Knight and Kyra.  

 "So Ursula, I was wondering about the dance...," began Roy until Ursula interrupted him  Knight smiled


"No!?" shouted Roy and Kyra, though it seemed Kyra was more upset than Roy.  "I don't think you've ever called me Ursula before. Remember that you are talking to you're friend Knight, and not some stranger named Ursula, and ask again. This time with confidence.

 "Ok, I can do that. Tomorrow, we meet at the Coment... be there are be square?" He still sounded completely nervous.

 Knight began to laugh at him. He began to laugh too. "Ok I'll be there."

 "Ok cool." He then felt awkward and walked away.

 "You so just earned the upper hand," said Kyra, sounding impressed.  Knight was seeming distant, and starring of into space. She could have sworn she saw a tall man standing by the water fountain, but he seemed to be gone when she blinked.  "What are you starring at?" Kyra asked curiously.   

 "Nothing, I just had the feeling  I was being watched," answered Knight. Again that day, during her Geometry class, Knight noticed the man out of the window. He seemed to be watching her, because Kyra wasn't in the geometry class. The teacher told her to pay attention, she looked at him and apologized. When she looked back the tall man seemed to have vanished again.

 After school Knight went over to Kyra's to borrow a dress.   Knight gave a strange look to the dresses in Kyra's crowded closet. "Do you have anything a little less...," she began. 

 "No, I'm a slut," Kyra admitted with pride.

 "This blue ones not so bad," said Knight, as she seemed to notice something out of the window. Knight starred intently outside. "Don't react to what I'm about to tell you, but I think there's a man outside of your window."  Kyra immediately looked out the window, and Knight looked at her.

 "Well ask him why he doesn't come in," said Kyra laughing.  Knight looked back out the window and saw no one.

 "Theres someone out there. I'm sure I saw someone. I think I should be getting home. I'll take the blue. Be sure to lock up tonight", she cautioned. 

 "You be careful too," said Kyra.

 "I always am, but there's probably no one out there," answered Knight. 

 "I meant with the dress," replied Kyra. Knight smiled and left the room.

  The next day Knight came down the stares and hurried to door after doing her makeup. She wanted to leave before her father had the chance to start taking pictures, but she wasn't quick enough.  "Hold it. Where do you think your going?" asked Jeff. Knight turned around to face her father holding his digital camera. "Wow... you look just like..."", began Jeff. Knight knew he was going to say just like her mother, but then changed his mind and said "You look beautiful, but I don't like that damn dress one bit. It should be much longer."

 "The dress is fine, and you know where I'm going," said Knight as she smiled for the pictures Jeff was taking of her.

 "You think I'm gonna let you walk out there alone, when some perv might be running around," Knight suddenly wished she hadn't said anything about the tall man.  "I'm gonna drive you to the Comet and you be sure to stay in public at all times, and be with a group of people when you walk to the school, not just with Roy and home by ten not ten o one. Do you hear me?" Jeff lectured.

 "I don't think anyones out there but if your gonna bring me, let's go," said Knight  "And I wouldn't mine having a chat with Roy," Jeff said protectively. 

 "Your not talking to Roy," answered Knight quickly as she exited the front door.

 Knight walked in past the pool tables and sat at on a stool at one of the many small round tables to wait for Roy. She waited for a while before checking the time on her phone and seeing how late it was. She began to worry that she was stood up, as she saw people exiting the building with their dates.

 She thought she saw the tall man again until people walked in front of him and he was gone. She knew even if she had been stud up she couldn't go home or to the dance. She would be humiliated. She would never tell Jeff that she had been stud up, but Kyra would certainly find out. Knight began wondering how she would face her and especially how she would face Roy.

 Meanwhile, at the dance Kyra and John were having a great time. They were dancing and screaming over the loud music. "Have you seen Knight and Roy anywhere?" shouted Kyra.

 "Can't say I have, but let's get out of here. This place is getting kind of lame," John suggested.

 Kyra looked at him and smiled. "So not gay," she whispered to herself.  "What?" shouted John.

 "I said you looking sexsay," she lied.  At The Comet the owner Ned smiled at Knight. It was a sympathetic smile. It was obvious he could tell she had been stud up. Knight smiled back, but she was embarrassed and hoped he wouldn't tell her father. She finally decided it was late enough for her to go home, but she had to use the restroom first.  

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