The Residents: Angel and Demons Part 1 (#1)

At the age of four Ursula Knight witnessed her home burn to the ground with her mother trapped inside in a tragic accident. Only it wasn't an accident. Twelve years later Knight discovers her mother was murdered by a mysterious dark force. Now she must band together with an angel and a group of young revenge seekers to fight the forces of darkness (as well as the challenges of high school) and discover the dark secrets of their haunted california town in the first chapter of this supernatural thriller series. Part 1 of 2.

After a while I plan to realese stories of the residents series once a week for 22 weeks an then take a break before releasing more it will become like a tv series. This first book starts off slow but I promise by the next one you will be hooked. The general idea of this series is much like Buffy the Vampire slayer but I plan to take my story in a whole knew direction. Please enjoy and give honest feed back please


4. Abduction

Knight woke up about a half an hour after she became unconscious. She was in a dark room. She tried to stand up from her chair, but then noticed she was tied down. Her feet to the legs of the chair. The chair didnt have arms so her hands were tied behind her back. She looked around the room. It was dark, she could hardly see anything, but she was able to notice a bunch of strange things on the walls. Crucifixes, bottles of holy water, and even bibles hung on the walls, while lots of guns, knives, and other weapons sat on tables in the middle of the room, but that was all she could see.
 Knight had a lot of questions. Did the tall man capture Roy? Why didn't Ned save her? Most of all she wondered why the tall man didn't tape her mouth. 
"Help! Help me! Is anyone there!" she shouted. She felt her pocket for her phone. He hadn't taken it. She got it out of her pocket but it almost fell to the floor. She thought about where all the buttons were. She couldn't see the phone at all, yet was still able to text to her father. "dark room tal guy short brown hair lite brown eyes" 
 All of a sudden, she saw light begin to pear in as a door opened. She dropped the phone but her foot was able to reach it. She took off her shoe and used her big toe to hit send. She then quickly kicked the phone under her chair. 
 The door was standing above a dull looking stair case, she had not previously noticed. She became silent as the door creaked open and the tall man emerged out. 
 "Why did you injure me. I mean you no harm. I would not have captured you, had you not injured me," spoke the man calmly. 
 "Because you didn't tell me you meant no harm." Knight was also able to speak calmly. 
The man stared at Knight. She was trying so hard to predict if he was angry or not.
 "My apologies, I thought I did," Knight still couldn't figure out what he wanted with her, or Roy, assuming she hadn't been stud up. She actually wished she had been.
 "You tried to rape me. You probably succeed," said Knight holding back the tears. 
 "I would never do such a thing! Why would you believe that?" Knight could tell he wasn't being sarcastic. She thought he may have forgotten what happened.
 "What's your name," she asked.
 "I am Ashton," he almost said something else, but Knight interrupted.
 "Ok Ashton, you were hiding in the girls bathroom. You came out of the stall and you told me that we had to hurry, that we didn't have much time. Do you remember this."
 They both looked at each other like the other was crazy. "Yes, I remember. Then you kicked me in the testicles. Why did you do that. Did I scare you? because I mean you no harm. 
 "Ok, then what is it that you want? My father is a police officer. There will be people looking for me," he looked at her with frustration.
 "I do not understand why you are afraid. I am Ashton, an angel of the good lord," Knight then realized she was dealing with the insane. She decided to play along for the sake of her life.
 "Right, your an angel. My dad has always wanted to meet an angel. Maybe I could call him, and he could bring a few of his friends." Knight was certain he would fall for that. 
 "There is no time. I must tell you about you're mother," said Ashton gloomily.
 "What about my mother!" demanded Knight.
 "Her death was no accident." Knight no longer knew if she was dealing with crazy, or with someone who just wanted to hurt her.
 "Are you telling me you killed my mother?" she said with a single tear rolling down her cheek.
 "No, I am an angel of the good lord and it is not my job to kill. You're mother was killed by the demon Moraz. You're hole town is cursed. I do not know why but for some reason the residents of you're town are paying for something or maybe for nothing but Cabwell has the highest rate of demonic activity in the world. I would like to recruit you in the fight against the demons, I mean you no harm, and will release you if it is what you want, but Moraz will find you and will not be so kind. I cannot return to heaven until Moraz returns to hell," explained Ashton.
 "Ok, I will help you, but you have to untie me," lied Knight
 "Of corse," answered Ashton.
 He walked over and began untieing her legs. 
 "If we'r gonna work together there's probably something you should know about me," Knight said as Ashton began untieing her hands.
 "What would that be?" asked Ashton. 
 Knight stood up from her chair, kicked Ashton in the face, and grabbed a gun from a table. She pointed it at him.
 "I don't let people hurt my friends. Where the hell is Roy Hamilton!" she demanded.
 Ashton looked confused. "He is also a recruit. He has gone after the demon," he said nervously.
 Knight lowered the gun to aim at his upper leg and then fired it. "Ahhhh! Why did you do that? I do not understand!" shouted Ashton.
 All of a sudden Ashton seemed to glow. It was like a bright, white light.
 "What's going on?" Knight asked. 
 Ashton began to levitate. Knight dropped the gun and fell to her knees. Ashton's bullet wound began to glow even more. The bullet fell out of his leg and hit the floor. The wound suddenly closed and healed.
 Knight felt a beautiful sensation from the warm glow. It was the best feeling she had ever felt. It made her remember her mothers smile and a thousand other memories of her all in those few seconds. The sensation faded with the glow but at least Knight no longer had to question weather or not Ashton could be trusted.
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