The Residents: Angel and Demons Part 1 (#1)

At the age of four Ursula Knight witnessed her home burn to the ground with her mother trapped inside in a tragic accident. Only it wasn't an accident. Twelve years later Knight discovers her mother was murdered by a mysterious dark force. Now she must band together with an angel and a group of young revenge seekers to fight the forces of darkness (as well as the challenges of high school) and discover the dark secrets of their haunted california town in the first chapter of this supernatural thriller series. Part 1 of 2.

After a while I plan to realese stories of the residents series once a week for 22 weeks an then take a break before releasing more it will become like a tv series. This first book starts off slow but I promise by the next one you will be hooked. The general idea of this series is much like Buffy the Vampire slayer but I plan to take my story in a whole knew direction. Please enjoy and give honest feed back please


1. The Forgotten Nightmare

 "Ring ring ring, Ring ring ring," demanded the phone as Mia played with her four year old daughter, Ursula on the old wooden swing set in their back yard. Mia had been pushing Ursula's swing all afternoon. The hot California sun left the toddlers short black hair drenched in sweat.   "Shoot! Sorry baby, momma will be right back," announced Mia to the four year old. She hurried to the back door of their middle class home until her daughter stopped her.  "Can we have ice cream when you get back?" asked Ursula.  Mia smiled at her daughters request. "Yep, I just bought vanilla, and we'r gonna eat out of the Micky Mouse bowls." Ursula gave a big smile "You can have Mini, I want Daisy," said Ursula as her mother darted for the screen door in the back of their home.   Mia loved being a stay at home mom, not that she had a choice, her husband, Jeff being a police officer. They were very happy living in the small town of Cabwell, the perfect place to raise children.   "Momma! I need you to push me," shouted Ursula, who's swing was no longer moving. She was very uneasy about being away from her mother. She then began to smell an unfamiliar scent. It was smoke. Then she heard something she didn't expect. "Ahhhhhhh! Ursula, I love you!" shouted her mother.   "Mom! mom!", began Ursula. Finally she saw a sight she didn't expect. It was flames erupting from her home. She was trapped in her toddler swing, and tortured with the dieing screams of her mother. "NOOOOO! Mom! Mommy! Mommy!" she shouted. She wasn't only worried about her mother, she also worried about herself as she felt the heat of the flames on her face.   She had no idea how long she had been trapped, but it felt like hours. Finally her father's police car came to her rescue. Jeff ran to his daughter in tears and hugged her tight.   Ursula saw the fire truck, and heard the police syrins as they began to change to the sound of an alarm clock. Wewo wewo wewo, wewo beep beep beep, beep beep beep.  Fifteen year old Ursula Knight woke up in her bed as the best part of her day came and went. The part in between sleep and being awake, where she actually had convinced herself it was only a dream. Not much seemed to change for Ursula or Jeff. Everything changed but it didn't seem to. Jeff did his best to act as if Mia never existed and would never even say her name to Ursula.   They stayed in Cabwell only about a mile from there old home. They lived in a white house much like their old one but only a little smaller. Ursula grew her hair out. She never liked the name Ursula, so everyone started calling her Knight, or at least almost everyone.  "Urse, come down here," shouted Jeff from down stairs. Knight spit her toothpaste in the sink and rushed down. "I know you've been having those damn nightmares, I think you should see that therapist again," he said as if he were angry with her. She knew he wasn't really angry with her, but he refused to bring up what he knew the nightmare was about.   "No, it was just a nightmare, I hardly remember what it was about," Knight said, avoiding eye contact. Her father didn't seem satisfied but it didn't seem as though he would argue either. "If I remember anything later maybe we can discuss it," offered Knight.   She never told anyone she had seen a therapist. Her father forced her to go when she was younger, but there was only one person she wanted to talk to about Mia and he would never talk about her, so he paid someone to.  "You better catch the bus." Jeff knew she had a few more minutes, but he just wanted to change the subject. Knight grabbed a granola bar from the pantry and walked out to wait for the bus anyway.  Knight's afrucan american best friend Kyra walked from her house across the street to wait for the bus with her, just like every other morning. They been waiting for the bus together, and been best friends since the third grade.  "O my God, O my God, O my God, I texted you this morning and you didn't text back," Kyra said accusingly.  Knight pulled her phone out of her blue Jean pocket and read the text message that read "Omg, Omg, Omg."   They stood not even a foot from each other but Knight still texted back "Sorry my phone was charging,"   "What are you doing?" asked Kyra as she read the message.   Knight looked up at Kyra, but continued to text and read her text aloud at the same time. "My dad thinks im lonely r depresed r sumtn so if i mak sur 2 run up a big texting bil  he might think im mor popular."   Kyra shoved her phone back into her pocket. "That's ridiculous girl, you're not unpopular?  "I know I'm not unpopular, but Jeff doesn't. He only sees the role I play. The troubled teen overcompensating the tragic loss of her mother with an apathetic attitude and a boodle of moonshine."  "O my God, you bitch, do you know what moonshine can do to you when you drink alone? You know you supposed to call me," said Kyra only half joking.   "No, I don't drink moonshine Kyra, It's just a role Iv'e been unwillingly cast into."  "Girl what the hell are you talking bout? No one expects you to drink moonshine. I mean I'd be open to the idea but..."  "No the point is I'm not some troubled reckless teen and I'm not depressed. Jeff and I just have very little in common," explained Knight as the bus drove up and the two girls along with Knights next door neighbor Roy, who was running late all hopped on. Roy flashed them a smile.  "What about you're mom?" Kyra suggested as the girls sat in the fifth seat and Roy sat more towards the back.  "I don't even remember her," she lied. "He wouldn't talk about her anyway, but I don't need him to. Can't miss something you never had."  "Well for the record, you totally have a reckless side."  "I don't date, drink, or even stay up past ten on a school night. I don't have a reckless bone in my body."  "You totally do, I can tell its inside of you. You just gotta let it out. Get you're hands dirty," said Kyra.  "What exactly are you proposing?" asked Knight skeptically.  "Idle hands are devils Workshop so get them dirty."  "Sweetie, thats hardly the meaning of that saying."  "Point is take some damn chances," Kyra said staring at Roy who was sitting only a few seats behind them.   "So what were you texting me about?" Knight didn't even want to know what kind of melodramatic situation Kyra had gotten herself into this time, but she felt it necessary to change the subject.  "O my God, I'm going to homecoming...with John!" she couldn't hold back her smile and neither could Knight.   Knight stared at her smiling "Johns gay".   Kyra looked at her like she was from another planet. "What! He is not gay. Trust me, I should know."   "No, you should know he is," said Knight.  "No, he gave me bed room eyes," protested Kyra.  Knight rolled her eyes. "You think everyone gives you bedroom eyes, sometimes you just have something in you're teeth.   Kyra began to notice Knight was staring at Roy, and Roy back at her. "Look at you staring at some dirty hand potential."  "Roy is anything but dirty hand potential," Knight said quietly staring out of the bus window.  "Well he is homing coming date potential and homecoming always has dirty hand potential."  "So we're back to a boodle of moonshine followed by cheap sex with a drunk stranger. I think I'll pass,"answered Knight.  "Well you where right everything with Roy so go for him. Have fun with you're hands clean," said Kyra.  "I'm not going to homecoming for the hundredth time and Roy and I are just friends for the millionth time."   "Just friends don't look at each with bedroom eyes," said Kyra as Knight was once again staring at Roy. "If your both gonna stare at least wait for him to stare first."  "He was staring first, and I'm not staring I'm just looking at him because he was looking at me."  "Good, then you have the upper hand,"  "What the hell does that even mean?" asked Knight  "Oh my God! you have so much to learn," replied Kyra.

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