Sparks fly

This is my first movella so don't be to hard on me. And I apologize for any grammatical wrongs there may be, english isn't my first language.
I hope you enjoy it and it would be great i you left a comment saying if you want me to continue this story or not.


1. I can keep you warm


“Fuck!” he said when he realized that they were heading to where we where. We all looked at each other asking with our eyes what we should do. None of us wanted them to come here, so we quickly turned off the lights and snuck out through a window at the back of the little house. The hedge was a bit harder to get through, I tore myself on the branches and tripped on some root. But before I lost my balance completely Adrian grabbed my arm and helped me to stand up straight again. We all laughed at my little accident but then remembered that we had to keep it down so the others wouldn,t hear us.


Annie went straight to her place as she lived just next door, Alex took a detour to get back to his house and then there were only me and Adrian left. We stood very still beside each other and listened when the others walked away because they couldn’t find anyone to party with thanks to our quick escape through the window. “What now?” he asked as he turned around to face me. “ I don’t know.” I said as I realized I didn’t have a ride home. “ I have no idea how I will get home, I don’t have a ride” “ I can call my mum, she can come and pick us up. You can crash at my place if you want to” “Sure!” He smiled and took the phone out of his pocket.


He hung up after saying goodbye to his mum and made a funny grin. I started to giggle at his grimace “What?” he asked looking concerned. “Nothing, you just looked so funny.” “Haha. Well, my mum said she couldn’t come right away so we just have to wait here for a while. Sorry.” “it’s okay” I said, but really I wasn’t so happy about the fact that we had to stay out in the cold even longer. Then a though crossed my mind, maybe this wasn’t so bad after all. Me and him out on a small road in the woods, just us two.

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