The Forsaken Children

Astrid is an observer. She lives her life watching others from a dusty window. With her mother long since dead and abandoned by her father, she always felt alone on life.

Until she saw Cleo through the dusty window. Seeing Cleo saved her.

Now Cleo's in danger and Astrid must decide if she has the courage to give up everything she has to save a girl who she hardly knows.


1. Paradise


Paradise. The drug that killed the world, destroyed the governments and left monsters in charge.

          The world had grown arrogant. The world had grown ignorant. Humans thought they could control nature but then Paradise was produced and they learnt that they could not even control themselves. 

           Paradise was created to control a person’s heart. It was just one more device allowing humans power. But it backfired. Nearly everyone tried it, they didn’t immediately feel it’s negative effects. They didn’t know what it really did; how it compressed your emotions and slowly suffocated you from the inside out. 

           How were they supposed to know? They were ignorant and they were lied to. Gradually, people begin to realise that they were growing ill but still no one related the sudden increase in illness with the drug. It would be nice to say that they did realise and a cure was found however I do not wish to lie to you. 

           Only a year after Paradise had been manufactured the world’s population had diminished by over fifty percent. The world was in a state of panic; wars broke out across countries, fighting over every form of resource - medicine, food, even water. Nothing was taken for granted, not any more. The people finally realised their past arrogance but it was too late. 

             The wars destroyed what was left of the world, leaving only a thousand or so people to stick together, all malnourished and in desperate need of help. That’s when Jason Clear arrived. He was supposed to be the world’s saviour. He was a scientist, he was smart, kind and he could help. The remaining people put their last amount of trust in him and he poisoned them. 

           He offered the antidote to anyone who agreed to be ruled by him. Anyone who agreed to fight for a new world, Jason Clear’s world. Less than two hundred people agreed. Clear gave them the antidote and left the rest to die, relishing in the power he had over life and death.

           His world was handed down from generation to generation. As the population grew, so did the unhappiness. The world was ruled by a single emperor who would pass their throne onto their eldest child. One family controlled everything, they were called the royals and they were brutal. Their army killed without thinking, their citizens starved to death and no one was allowed an opinion.

           Then Luna was born. She was a royal, she was to take the throne and she was kind. She wasn’t twisted like the other royals, she didn’t thrive off other people’s misery. She wanted things to change and she could have made that change. 

           She had a vision; a vision to cure the world that hundreds of years ago had been poisoned by her ancestor. Her vision was beautiful. It was like the Sun, bringing warmth to all those who could see it. But the Sun always sets, it’s stolen from the world by the cold, night sky; so was Luna’s vision.

           Her vision was destroyed, it turned to ash in just one night. The night the storm appeared. It was a relentless storm, it tore through houses and stole the breath from it’s victims. The storm that eliminated the one hope from the hopeless. 

            The storm that slaughtered Luna.

           The citizens were left without a hope and so was I. They were starved of food and water and I was starved of love. They were left without a chance of a kind empress and I was left without a mother.   

           I was just like them, I could feel their pain but I couldn’t help because I was trapped and isolated. I was kept in the palace, for my ‘safety’. All I could do was watch and hope that someday, someone would come along who could help.

           I just never realised how soon that day would be or how big a part I would play.

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