Live Till Your Last

This a story of a new-york girl Saphire who meets someone that teaches her how to live,smile and get on with life. But with so many problems in life with her family how does she cope. A re-telling of a very moving but simple story. hope you enjoy it! please comment and i would love your feedback thankx and if you love it plz cilck fav .


4. Was Aman Right?

Next Morning i looked at my-self in the mirror. Had i really forgotten how to smile,OMG Aman was so damn right! I had forgotten to smile. I couldn't believe it a man i barely know just came up to me and told me i cant smile an d the worst part is he was so right.This Bugged me all day.I told Neil about Aman Neil replied in a mass of laughter.I got back home early and guess who was there yes you guessed right.AMAN.

The first thing i did was i went up and i said to his face, look now who's smiling? well this answer is very simple obviously you replied Aman.I was steamed of anger why didn't he ever take me seriously?

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