Live Till Your Last

This a story of a new-york girl Saphire who meets someone that teaches her how to live,smile and get on with life. But with so many problems in life with her family how does she cope. A re-telling of a very moving but simple story. hope you enjoy it! please comment and i would love your feedback thankx and if you love it plz cilck fav .


1. Introducing ME

Hi my name is Saphire Thomas im 33 years old i live in new-york with my Husband Niel, my daughter Naina and my cute little sister Giya not forgetting my brother Jake My mother Jenifer Kappor raised me and my brother and sister she passed away last year she was a strong woman someone never to forget and my father loved me alot but he left us in his own will when i was six and last but not least my wonderful grandma i love her  though i never got along with her she also with the stars.

Thats me but now im going you a story a story about me when i was 22 a story that will teach you how to live every minute because its worth it YOURE worth it.



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