Live Till Your Last

This a story of a new-york girl Saphire who meets someone that teaches her how to live,smile and get on with life. But with so many problems in life with her family how does she cope. A re-telling of a very moving but simple story. hope you enjoy it! please comment and i would love your feedback thankx and if you love it plz cilck fav .


2. How it Started

 When i was 22 my Life was amazing atleast thats what i thought. Back then i lived with my mum,brother,sister and grandma.Life was so much more different then.Everyday was the same id wake up get dressed my mother and my grandma used to fight i would get angry and leave the breakfast table and make my way to the statue of godgrave which is outside my MBA classes i would wait there for niel and talk to him and tell him everything when i first met him i hated him so much but  when i got to know him he was great person but one thing i was always curiuos about was that neil always had this black diary i never knew what he wrote in it he never let me read it.

One Night i came back from finishing my MBA class i stood at my front door as i watched my broken family i saw how cruely my grandma slaped my sister (she was only 6)and how she  went over to my brother Jake and comforted him my brother was disabled he had to rely on cruches his whole life my mother came to defend my little sister just because my sister was adopted my grandma  hated her i didnt now why nan  couldn't treat giya as her own. Even that i couldnt understand what giya had done wrong. My family was a not a family it was 2 sides at war when it was either religion me and my mother and sibillings were christian where as nan was sikh or wether it was food nan wanted tradtional indian food but mum only knew how to cook american food nan taunted mum because of this.

My mum says that our angel will come and save us.Little did we know that our angel had just moved in next door that very night.The next morning i was in my bedroom revising my notes when i heard a beautiful voice singing and i watched my whole neighbourhood dance this was the most lively thing i had seen in years and this man he was staring at me he was the one who was singing i had never seen him before, he got along very well with jake and giya after he had finished his song i ran downstairs and joined my mum as he introduced himself he said to my mum hi my name is aman i am your neighbours nephew i have just moved in your name is jenifer right my mother noded he carried on Jenifer can i mary your daughter? i was astonished i said what on earth are you talking about? aman carried on no not you i mean your sister giya we all started laughing hey ill see you at 8pm aman sad casually for what mum asked im your new neighbour arent you going to ask me to dinner mum replied politley saying  ofcourse yes see you at 8 bye for now since then i knew i didnt like him. The minute i got in the house i had a go at my mum i didnt invite him he invited himself she replied. 

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